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Business centre price list

Business centre price list is the prices of activities and operations in a business centre. Every Business centre supposed to have a price list of their operations. This price list must be relatively the same with other business centre in your vicinity.

Business centre price checklist
Business centre price checklist

In this post, we’ve listed the price checklist of business centres operating in Nigeria. I want you to know that, price list may vary depending on your locality. Before setting any rates for services in your business centre, you need to first find out the recent amount being charged by other business centre in your region. This will help you  put an adequate price that will appeal to your customers.

Business centre price list

Supposing your about to start a business centre, below are Business price list in Lagos  Nigeria used. You can adjust it to fit the area where your business is situated.

  1. Photocopying (A4 Black and white) = ₦10 per document

The average price of photocopying a document (A4 Black and white) is ₦10. If you’re going use power plant (generator) for the photocopying, the price is usually is ₦20. In some tertiary institutions and localities where there are high competitions, photocopying a document (A4 Black and white) is usually 3 documents per ₦20

  1. Photocopying (A4 Colour photocopying) = ₦100 per document.

Colour photocopying is ₦100, however, you can colour photocopy at price between ₦50 – ₦100 depending on colour thickness and your location.

  1. Printing (A4 Black and white) = ₦20 – ₦50
  2. A4 Colour printing = ₦100
  3. Laminating = ₦50 per ID Card, complementary card and 100 per A4 document
  4. Access and Sending of mail = ₦200
  5. Accessing email = ₦100
  6. Printing document from email = ₦150
  7. Designing graphics = ₦400, ₦800, ₦1000, ₦1500
  8. Edit pictures or image = ₦1000, ₦1500
  9. Typing and printing = ₦50, ₦80, ₦100
  10. Passport photograph = ₦300 per 8 copies
  11. Printing plastic id card = ₦500, ₦800, ₦1000
  12. A3 Printing = ₦30, ₦50
  13. Business Proposal writing = ₦2000
  14. Students’ assignment that involve internet = ₦500 – ₦1500

Computer training (Single packages)

  1. Microsoft word = ₦2000
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint = 1500
  3. Microsoft excel = ₦2500
  4. Microsoft Access = ₦2500
  5. Microsoft publisher = ₦2500
  6. Window = ₦1000
  7. Internet = ₦2000
  8. Corel draw = ₦3500
  9. Computer typing keyboarding (using Mavis)

Computer Training (Combine package)

  1. Computer operations and Microsoft = ₦8000
  2. Microsoft office and computerized manager = ₦13500
  3. Graphic designing (basic packages) = ₦20000
  4. Graphic Advance packages (plus Video editing) = ₦70000
  5. AutoCAD = ₦40000
  6. Large envelop = ₦50
  7. Media envelop = ₦30
  8. Small envelop = ₦10
  9. Binding = ₦80, ₦100
  10. A pack of A4 paper for sale = ₦1100, ₦1200

What to consider when fixing business centre price list

When you’re fixing price for your business centre work and operations, take into consideration the following;

  1. price list of other business centre in your locality – your price should be low or relatively the same with other business centre in your locality. If your price list is high, you’ll find it difficult to get customers.
  2. cost of starting your business centre – don’t spend so much to start a business. You can easily grow if you start low. You’ll gain more advantage when fixing your price.
  3. The location of your business centre – In cities and town where there are low competitions, the price list is always on a high side.
  4. The size of your business centre – if your business is large and you employed some workers, you will need to increase your business centre price list of operations so as to make up with payment of your workers’ salary.

If you have questions or comment concerning this business centre price list, share it with us using the comment box below.

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