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Fast Money-Making Affiliate Programs in Nigeria & list of Sites

To get started, let us understand the term Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing program between a merchant and affiliate marketer. Here, the affiliate allow the product or service owner promote his brands on his site. The affiliate gets compensated for every click on merchant’s product or brand and every sell made by the merchant through affiliate site. In other word, you get paid a percentage of the income made on every sale generated by your effort. Affiliate program has become one of the key fast money-making online businesses in Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian finding it difficult to make money online or you wanted a multiple stream on your online income then I will rather suggest affiliate marketing for you. It is very easy to do and it has come to stay in Nigeria

It is very easy and fast money making business because the major work is not being done by you. All that is required from you is to find a hot or profitable market, select the best performing brand or product for the market as an affiliate marketer, create a squeeze page and a niche blog for the product or service, apply all necessary search engine optimization strategies to rank the blog on major search engine result page 1 for its keywords, write review article for the product and place it on your squeeze page. Where your effort is needed most for successful Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is your ability as an affiliate to drive a massive market-specific traffic (i.e. right people) to what you are marketing that are designed to yield high conversion rate.

Your success steps in Affiliate marketing in Nigeria begin this way;
First, select a profitable market and a right affiliate program network where you can find offers to choose from. Use keyword research tool for choosing hot or profitable market. Remember to ensure that your merchant or network is NOT aggressively competing with you on your target market. How can you tell when a merchant is too competitive against affiliate? Simply, use a search engine to enter in the keywords for your market and then look to see if the merchant has a lot of pay-per-pay clicks ads, articles or other promotional items showing up.

Next, find the right product or brand to promote. The best product is the one with high conversion rate. You merchant should provide you with the real conversion rate on your affiliate sign up page.

Thirdly, as you sign-up for Affiliate marketing with a network, you will be given an affiliate link. This link is unique to you as an affiliate and all visitors referred by you through the link are track and credited. Cloak your Affiliate links. This will boost commission because some people just don’t like the idea of affiliate or of someone making money off them. Use URL shortening service like Tiny URL, to cloak your affiliate link. Embed the link on your promotional blog articles, website, e-mails, Google Adwords etc.

Finally, locate your target market and market you affiliate products or services to them. Don’t spam them and I also recommend you build e-mail list for follow up
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No need to wait again! This post will help you succeed on Affiliate marketing in Nigeria and make fast money online. Get started;
Find a hot market and affiliate network to select an offer to choose from
• Find the right brand/product or service to promote. Choose product you have knowledge of and passionate to talk about
• Cloak your Affiliate links and use tiny URL to shorten your affiliate
• Drive market-specific traffic towards the sale funnel and build e-mail list
• Market your affiliate product.

Questions and comments are welcome. I hope this article will help you.

Some list of Nigeria sites that offer Affiliate program include;, No 1   Nigeria Online retail store; , another Nigeria online shopping site; Web4Affrica, webhosting reseller and domain name comapany

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