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  1. Pls, i read online that there is currently a legal way to receive money through paypal in nigeria. They said that i should pay money into their account.
    pls, is there a way

  2. Why I ask the question is that I have somebody who has Eco bank domiciliary account. She told me that she was asked to open current account as well because she wanted to open dom account. She opened current account and dom account. Am asking is it compulsory

      1. Thank you sir. You got what I mean.
        What is the cost of transfer from dom account, like percentage the dollar amount

  3. Hello Emma
    please can the dom account pass as savings account. I. E i open it here in Nigeria and travel out, can i put money in the account when am out of naija, if yes how?.. and can i withdraw.. if yes which bank best fit into this that i can withdraw any whr in world. thank you

    1. Hello Angel,
      Domiciliary account can not be use in Place of savings account. They are not the same. You can deposit/put money into your savings account anywhere you are but you can not withdraw from it any where in the world unless when you are back in Nigeria. If you want to withdraw money from your account anywhere in the world, you need to open a Dom account and get Dollar MasterCard for withdraw and you can only open Dom Account if you are in Nigeria. However, you can contact Diamond bank and see if they can help you.

      1. Thank you sir. I got the comment late. I have to open the web before getting the comment. I thought by clicking “Notify me when new comments are added” I would get it in my email box

    Yes, I got your point. You can link the dollar master card but my concern is that you should be aware of the limit of the usage of the card.
    And another point I will also like you to explain if my motive is successful will I be able to to withdrew money from my PayPal acct since it Link up to my dollar acct.thanks

    1. Pooh Patrick,
      1. You will NOT be able to withdraw money from your PayPal account here in Nigeria that is part of the limit of the usage of the card, I am talking about.
      2. You might not be able to fund the PayPal account from your dollar account.

  5. And pls sir when I mean link up,what am actually saying that PayPal gives it users a space where you will provide the digit at the back of your debit card and the expired date,once that is done,yr acct will automatic link to the acct

    1. Okay, go ahead.
      After 2 weeks working days and you did not receive a text message of your new dom account from GTBank, visit the branch where you open the account to acquire why they’ve not send it to you.

  6. Thanks for the tip,what am actually saying is this.
    I open a PayPal acct online and I was ask to link my acct to it,BT the two bank I try here in Nigeria was not working with it. so I approach a costumer online and here is the response I got.
    Responds from customer services in diamond
    (Dear Esteemed Customer,

    Thank you for your mail.

    Our Naira Debit Cards will only be used for local transactions on POS, ATM and Online (for Nigerian Retailers), and not work for international transaction on Paypal.

    However, foreign transactions can be initiated with our dollar/Pound debit card issued on our domiciliary account.

    If you have our domiciliary account, the card can be issued to you and will enable you carryout international/foreign transactions.

    Thank you for choosing Diamond Bank.

    Me again:the customer service from diamond bank is trying to tell me that I can’t use my local gtbank or union bank for PayPal purpose, that I can open a domiciliary acct and I can use the domiciliary acct debit card issue to me to link up my PayPal acct. and after then will my PayPal acct work properly since domiciliary acct is also knw as a dollar acct that make a foreign acct not a local acct sir .hope u are seeing my point

  7. Thank God I found this site, plz my question is I actually open a domiciliary acct with Gtbank last week, which I have no yet gotten any text message from them if the acct is open or nt,one of the banker say the service was bad as of then, well still expecting.
    (1)sir is it possibly that I can link the debit card given to me in the bank to my PayPal acct, Becos that was the main reason I open it at the first place. There are some transaction I wanted doing online bt could not since don’t use a paypal acct, so I created it and I was ask to link my card to it, to my surprise the two bank I operate both gtbank and unionbank was not accepted,so I taught it wish for me to open a dollar acct and then link it up with my PayPal acct. Plz I need ur advice, suggestions on this as the case my be,i actually want to know if am on line, and if am pls,show me road.and one last thing, can I withdraw my$100 dollar use in activating the acct back, I mean all of it. Thank

    1. let me start from your last question;
      1. You can withdraw all your $100.
      2. You can not withdraw money from your PayPal account in Nigeria
      3. You can only receive but can not withdraw the money here in Nigeria.
      So, do you still find it valuable linking your card to your PayPal account?
      Again, how do you intend linking the dollar account to the PayPal account?

  8. i found the site while searching for how to know how my friend in the USA can send me dollar without using western union or money Gram…………… the question is after opening the account can i link it with my savings account i have a savings account with Gtbank and are they gonna pay me in dollar when am withdrawing from my Dom account ? pls i need urgent answer i will soon go to my Gtbank branch for further enquiries ………..

  9. I want to make payment to someone in macedonia with skrill and i did not skrill account can i send the money to you and help me make the payment.

  10. Pls i want to confirm if i can withdraw from the atm when my dom account has been created with the credit card given to me.

  11. Hello sir I need your help I want to open a dom account I have SKYE,GTB AND FIRST BANK but I still don’t know which bank is more preferable,one with a low cost and after I open it after I make a deposit in it how do I change my money to naira or can I just transfer the money to my normal savings accounts under the same bank???

  12. My brother just traveled to America and he is yet to open an account there in America. Can he still send money to my dom account at any bank in America?

  13. Hello, please I would like to know if I open a domiciliary account in Italy and with my debit card, if it would be possible to use my debit card in Nigeria or any other country?.

  14. Hello Emma,

    Thanks for anwering. Emma I need to open an account saving for recive neiras and domiciliary account for be abble to tranfer mi neiras to usd in my country (Chile)

    Could you please tell me how to open and account from foreing ? Im in Chile i cant travel to nigeria just for do that.

  15. Can you deposit and withdraw any amount of dollars without being questioned or queried? Can you also withdraw your money and have unlimited assess to your account from any part of the world?

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