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Letter to Governor (format & Sample)

Learn ⇒ how to write letter to Governor without getting turn-down. Whether you’re about to write a letter to governor asking for help, trying to show appreciation, inviting or requesting for anything; the format is always the same.

Here is a sample of letter to a state Governor that will guide you towards writing your own letter. The below sample of letter to Governor will serve as a template for your own letter to government for requesting for anything. Edit it accordingly to create your own letter. If you submit a good request letter to your Governor; it will increase your chances of getting whatever you’re requesting for. Before, we dive into editing the sample of the letter to Governor, let’s look at the format of writing the letter.

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Format for writing letter to Governor

  1. Use letter headed paper that contain your address (that’s if you’re writing as an organization, group, department, etc.)
  2. Add the address of your Governor you’re writing to after your own address.
  3. Salute him; Your Excellence, Your Excellence Sir, Dear Governor.
  4. Put the title of your letter; this should caption your intention of writing
  5. Next, the body – Go straight to the point and don’t go about beating around the bush.
  6. Conclude
  7. Close

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Letter to Governor


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Institute of Management and Technology,


Enugu State.

15th August, 2019.


Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,

Executive Governor of Enugu State,

Government House,


Enugu State.

Your Excellency Sir,


One of the primary roles of education is to build and sustain individual and society’s development. It renews and improves the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of any state. Education upgrades the living standard of citizens and enables people to become better and more productive citizens. It is a human right that creates a safe, healthy and prosperous society. It changes the visions and perspectives of individuals, enhances critical decisions and improves democracy. Education in Enugu state is suffering from decades of neglects and abandonment.

Your Excellency, it is on record you mounted the mantle of leadership of Enugu State apparently with good intentions to transform the state far beyond the height achieved by your predecessors. To demonstrate seriousness to this course, your administration started by rolling out massive projects for execution which cut across the length and breadth of this state.

I know a lot of appreciable progress have been made in Education in Enugu State but there are still more to be done so that our people can enjoy the important benefits of Education.

Your Excellency, it is my humble intention therefore to discuss the state of education in Enugu state and ways to improve it. Some of the crucial challenges education in Enugu State is facing that need immediate attention include;

  1. Infrastructural deficit and decay: So many class room buildings and staff offices of most primary, secondary schools and high institutions in Enugu State have been dilapidated. They are in deplorable condition thereby affecting the learning process. In some of the schools you see students sitting on the ordinary floor to receive lectures. Some classrooms are not roofed, during the raining season students sit under the rain to learn leading to students getting sick always. Most of these buildings were renovated 10 years ago or thereabout. Unfortunately, no new building has been elected to replace the dilapidated structures.

Most primary and secondary schools lack lavatory and convenience. This has led to students defecating and messing up the school environment. In some schools, students resort to defecating in open class rooms and dilapidated building.

  1. Unqualified teachers and lecturers: Most schools in Enugu State are filled up with unqualified teachers and lecturers. How these teachers and lecturers managed to secured their teaching job in our secondary, primary schools and high institutions is a question that will be hard for me to crack. It is a very serious situation, when teachers cannot pass their exams that they are supposed to teach the children to pass. The result of this is the production of half-baked students. Students who will indulge in examination malpractices in other to pass their exam. Graduates who cannot defend themselves in outside world.
  2. Inadequate instructional materials: Most of the schools in Enugu State lack instructional materials like white board and markers, ICT centres, sciences books, physic and chemistry laboratory. The general school library is nothing to write home about; they are not well equipped and most are not functional.  These instructional materials are powerful tools that enhances the learning skills of the students. We are in era of internet technology; yet you hardly see school in Enugu State that is computerized. If you visit the staff rooms during computation of students’ results, papers flying everywhere will chase you away. When students are equipped with the necessary materials they need; it helps them meet with up international standard of education.
  3. High tuition fee and extortion: The high tuition fees and unsolicited fees collected from students has led to millions of students dropping out of school. The private schools are not helping matters. There is gross extortion of students by teachers in our school. It baffles me how headmaster, principal or whoever that is involve could turn money into hand-work and some of the lecturers has made it mandatory that students must buy their handout or text book before they will pass their course. The side effect of this are high illiteracy level, increase crime, and poverty in our state etc.


On Infrastructural deficit and decay; committee should be set up through Post primary School education board to ascertain the level of infrastructural deficit and decay in our primary and secondary school. Again, committee should be set up through the Board of Senate in universities and high institutions to review the level of infrastructural deficit and decay in our university and high institutions. The outcome of the reviews should be communicated to you through the appropriate channel for immediate action.

On Unqualified teachers and lecturers: Strategies for addressing the challenges of teacher training and professional development; technical and vocational education should be adopted. Again, policies pertaining to recruitment of teachers and lecturers in our states schools should be review.

On Inadequate instructional materials: There is need to examine, review, equip and upgrade by appropriate bodies some of the instructional materials in our schools for quality and continuous improvement of our student.

On High tuition fee and Extortion in our school: Government should review and cut down the tuition fees in our schools. Free education at primary and post-primary school level should be adopted to encourage education in our state.

Serious consideration should be made to our quest to improving the lot of our people through the provision of quality and functional education for all, at all levels. Today, it is those who acquire the most qualitative education, equipped with requisite skills and training, and empowered with practical know how that are leading the rest. We cannot afford to continue lagging behind. Education is our launch-pad to a more successful, more productive and more prosperous future. If the education of our state is weak or dysfunctional, society and its development will also be weak and dysfunctional.

Your Excellency, I thank you for all your good works in Enugu State. Also, I appeal that you use your good office to address this issue confronting education in our state today. I will continue to pray for you and for your vision for our dear State. Enugu State is in hand of God.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name.

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Now that you know everything about writing letter to Governor, let’s remember once again;

  1. To be patient and proofread your write-up.
  2. Highlight your points.
  3. Tailor each letter to a specific request.

Use the above sample letter to make your writing easier

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