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Real Truth About Making Money Online

It’s a great to do business online. I won’t lie, for the most part it is. However, there are some real truth about making money online I think you should know.

Every one promises you these;

  • work for yourself and be your own boss,
  • Work from home
  • work whenever you like,
  • Make a money while you’re sleeping,
  • earn real big money and all that and all that

Many people think that owning an online business, makes lots of money for you. Some other people think that by just visiting my website, I make lots of money; far from it. Running online business and making money online isn’t always the way people make it seem. Frankly speaking, it’s not that glamorous.

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Making money online is real. However, here are some truths about making money online, I think you should know before joining into setup an online business

Real Truth About Making Money Online

  1. It’s Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

I try to show you how I make money monthly. I don’t do this to make it seem easy. Instead, I want to show you how I make my business work for me, to show you tips for succeeding with your own business, and to show you the amount of work that goes into it.

Get rich quick schemes aren’t real, and there’s no real way to get rich quick without hard work.

I spent nearly a whole year on my blog and made just few cents per hour if you added up all the time I put into it. Yes, it paid off in the end, but there were lots of very stressful moments and sleepless nights.

Blogging is a great way to make money online, but you definitely need to work for it. If you ready to put up such hard work into it, then I definitely recommend you give it a try!

If you are thinking about starting a blog, I suggest starting with my free How To Start a Successful Blog.

  1. It May Means Working 24 hours

I work ALL THE TIME since my business is online. If I can work all the time, it means that it’s often hard time to break myself away from work.

While the work is great, it’s never healthy to work all the time. You need to enjoy other aspects of life as well, and take a mental break from work.

This is much easier said than done when you work online.

Since I can work wherever and whenever, I often forget to eat meals, to sleep enough hours, to spend time socializing with others.

  1. No One Way Of Making Of Money Online

With an online business, there’s a lot of trial and error. Online businesses are very new, and there’s no one calling the shots.

Because there’s no step-by-step guide that is telling you exactly what to do and how exactly to earn money online, everything is up to you. Things may happen faster or more slowly for you than for someone else who is running a company similar to yours.

Due to this, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money, which is why I always recommend that you save a good percentage of your earnings even if you are making a great living. This is why we are saving around 80% to 90% of the income that we earn.

  1. Making Money Online Requires Patience

One day you may earn a lot of money, and the next week or two you may not even earn a kobo.

Or, you may have a great idea, and then the very next day you may feel like you have absolutely no good ideas at all.

I want you to know that all business owners feel like this. Certain days you may feel helpless and hopeless, but you just have to push past this part and move on.

Everyone has bad days, but you can’t let that destroy you and your dream.

  1. Technical Experience May or May Not Needed

I’m not a very technical person. I don’t test anything, I’m actually quite horrible with computers, and I don’t analyze statistics related to my business and how it’s doing.

This surprises many people, but it’s the truth. You don’t need to be a computer genius in order to work online.

Instead, you can learn what you need to know for your business, and hire out what you can’t seem to figure out. That’s exactly what I do. And no, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to outsource the technical tasks.

  1. You can Be Lonely At Times

Working online is great, but it can be lonely at times. This is because you are often separated from the rest of the world.

The “average” person works with others. However, when working online it is usually just you.

That being said, I’ve never felt lonely. My last job as a financial analyst was much lonelier than my current business setup, as I had absolutely no one to talk to at that day job.

Now, I can talk to plenty of people online – other online business owners as well as my readers.

But, if you are feeling lonely, there are ways to get around this. I highly recommend going to conferences, paying for a co-working space, going to workshops with others in your industry, and so on.

I didn’t write today’s post to scare you. Instead, I want to motivate you to work harder so that you can become successful online.


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