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5 Research Companies in Nigeria that Pay Data Collectors & research Assistants

In Nigeria, there are many research firms that offer research services as such recruit field researchers for data collection on a daily bases. The below are research companies that I once personally had experience with either a Data collector or research Assistant. But before we start discussing some of these research Companies in Nigeria that pay data collectors and research assistant, let’s look at what data collection is and the different types of data collection.

Research Companies in Nigeria that Pay Data Collectors and research Assistants

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What is Data collection?

Data collection is the process of obtaining and analyzing data on certain variables in a structured manner, allowing one to answer pertinent question and assess consequences.

Duties of a Data collector

  • Going to the office in the morning to collect questionnaires and stipends for logistics (depends on the initial agreement in briefing).
  • You go to the outlet/target respondent to administer questions.
  • Record/input their responds into the hard copy questionnaire or any other software application such as Kobo collect and Survey CTO.
  • Daily synchronization/submission of the survey.
  • Collect your wages.

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Different Types of Data Collection

Quantitative Data Collection

Quantitative data collection is a research method that deals with the scientific collection of numerical data. Its use to quantify the magnitude of a problem For instance we want to know the number of primary school children in Lagos state?

Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative data collection is a research method that deals with the scientific collection of non-numerical data. For instance, Focus Group Discussion, Key Informant Interview, and In-depth Interviews etc. to obtain an information/understanding of a problem for example we want to know why people prefer a particular commodity than the other.

Research Companies in Nigeria that Pay Data Collectors & research Assistants


TRANSSIL is one of the best research companies in Nigeria that pay data collectors and research assistants. This research company has various branch offices all over the country and the federal capital territory Abuja with a Head office in the North (Kaduna). TRANSSIL is also known as transcription services international limited, a one bus-stop for:

  • Research
  • Evaluations and assessment services
  • Organizational development services
  • Project monitoring and management services
  • Community development services
  • Health system strengthening services

All these services required data collection, as a result Transsil have need a lot of data collectors (Enumerators) for both Quantitative and Qualitative Data collection. But, Transsil already have thousands of enumerators for data collection but more are still needed. One may tend to ask then why did they need more. The simple answer is that some jobs are conducted all over the 36 state and the federal capital territory Abuja and the field work must be started concurrently that’s all the work will be kick-on at the same time, and I think you know this implies that more hands are needed on deck to go to the field for data collection. And Transsil have worked and are currently working with both National and International clients, as result data collectors are always needed so become one collect quality data and get juicy paid.

How to become a data collector for Transsil

Becoming a data collector for Transcription services international requires only three to four ways

  • Voluntarily apply for data collection (You can still choose to apply for Transcription, Translation or internship) by either sending your CV and cover letter to Transsil’s email address, directly calling the company contact number or sending direct SMS to the contact phone number. But, out of these medium I strongly suggest applying through email address because it represent more official way of doing business.
  • Face to face visit to the official offices of Transsil, this can be either by writing official application letter or CV and taking it to their office or by going empty handed without any official letter but just take yourself to their office and talk to one or two of their staffs on your availability on request for Data collection. But I will suggest you take yourself with the official letter.
  • Ask your family and friends about the organization and whether they know one or two people they can put calls to for your availability of data collection work in the organization.
  • Sign up to subscribe for their newsletter.

NB: of all the strategies I highly recommend the second strategy by joining it together that’s Directly taking yourself, your letter/CV to their office talk to one or two staffs without initial bringing out your letter or CV but by their responds you will know what is the next step and I guess they may or may not request for formal write up and if the ask fine already is with you.

For more information About Transcription Services International Limited Offices, contact address and more visit;


MRC also known as Market Research Consultancy Limited is one of largest market research company in Sub-Saharan Africa, MRC have an annual record performance of over 600,000 and 1500 Quantitative and Qualitative interviews/sessions respectively.

This research company specialized in Market Research and of course you should know by implication this means a day will not go without them collecting market data for the multinationals and this means the need more than enough researchers that will collect data for them on a daily bases they are full service research company as such they conduct services as Focus group Discussion (FGD), Mini FGD, Extended FGD, In-depth Interviews, Paired Interviews etc. on a very interesting research topics as:

  • Media research
  • Pricing Research
  • Retail audit
  • Industrial Research
  • Distribution Research
  • Opinion polls among others

In my own case Opinion polls and Audit retails are the most interesting topics in the field so, what are you waiting for? You can become one of their data collectors today so you can give testimony of your most interesting topics in the field.

How to become a data collector for Market Research Consultancy

You can become a data collector for Market research consultancy today by following the four ways listed above in Transsil.

However I still highly recommend directly taking yourself, your letter/CV to their office talk to one or two staffs without initial bringing out your letter/CV and I am optimistic you might end up been briefed and going to the field the same day for data collection

For more information About Market research consultancy Offices, contact address and more visit their official website;


Also known as Seven Star Consultant limited, this research Company offer research services for both public and private sector on the following areas

  • Development sector
  • Communication sector
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

I know you will like to be one of the data collectors who collect data for seven star consultants ltd, a research company that  has some of its  executed project  been landed at highly recognized international events as the United Nations General Assembly. What are you waiting for? I suggest is high time you swing into action by following the same way I listed above on how to become either Transcription services international, or Market Research Consultancy Field data collector

How to become a data collector for SSC Ltd

By creative and positively using the already four listed strategist my brother you stand a chance of becoming one of the seven star consultant data collector and beyond.

However, for more information About Seven Star Consultants Ltd Offices, contact address and more visit their website at or search Google search seven star consultants ltd.


PSI also known as Practical Sampling International this research company offer research services within Nigeria and other West African countries at various sectors such as

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunication among others

How to become data collector for PSI

Practical Sampling International is not an exceptional research company with regards to becoming a data collector using the same strategist listed above.

However, for more information about Practical Sampling International Ltd Offices, contact address and more visit their website at


Also known as Communication & Marketing Research Group Limited, is an independent and a full service agency with strong professional competence in various sectors

CMRG are conducting both Qualitative and Quantitative research services as such data collection is necessary steps for all these research services.  For your data collection participation into various interesting research topics as Omnibus study, Retail Audit, Opinion poll study etc. I urge you to endeavor and become one of the data collectors for the Communication & Marketing Research Group

How to become a data collector for CMRG LTD

However, for more information About Communication & Marketing Research Group’s Offices, contact address and more visit their website at

Finally:  All research companies  needs data, the primary purpose of every research company is to obtain data as a result you as a data collector, your work is integral and prerequisite for the survival of any research  company, so why not join one of the five listed research company in Nigeria, Collect data and get paid for your data collection. All the listed research companies here are research companies I worked with as either a data collector/enumerator or research assistance and their payment is high but, depending on the project working on.

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