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Top Work-at-Home Millionaire online Jobs for Nigeria; Fast Earning Jobs

A good number of Nigerians are earning themselves thousands of naira online on weekly basis while some even make enough money online to quit their usual 7-7 day job to become a full-time online business boss of their own. With the growing number of internet business opportunities and the number of people that have access to internet; online jobs and businesses are now the best job or business you can think of. You work for some hours at your own convenient time and you are done for the day. Like I do, I don’t work for more than 3 hours online these days and I’m done for the day.

Today, I will show these online jobs or internet business opportunities that you can be doing right from the comfort of your home to earn yourselves a living and I’m also going to teach you how to do them.

Who can do these jobs?
Students: students and undergraduate students can do these jobs, once you know how to read and write. You can become successful. If you want quality education in Nigeria, it’s expensive. Only few parents can afford it. So, you as an undergraduate student can be involve in part-time online jobs while still going to school. With you making massive money on the internet, you don’t need to depend solely on your parents to finance your education. Rather, you will use the money made to enhance their living standards.

The Unemployed: unemployed youths can do these jobs. Presently in Nigeria, there are little or no job opportunities. The best way forward for an unemployed person is to start an internet business in Nigeria. The good news is that the internet offers vast business opportunities and the secondly the internet market is not yet saturation.

Housewives, pregnant and nursing mothers: You are a married woman and you don’t have a job. These jobs will fit you too. These jobs will give time for running your home activities and school runs.
Retirees: People that have retired from active work or planning to retire from work may start these internet businesses in Nigeria.

Is it difficult to learn and do? Does it require skill?
Anybody can do these jobs; the bottom line is that you have to devote some time and resources to learn how the internet works. It will take time and patience, no matter what you have heard. But, one thing is certain anybody with determination to succeed can do the same things that I’m doing right now and start making as much as I do right now.
What you should always have at the back of your mind is that before you can make money online, you must first of all learn how to do it by going through a well-known training program or online course. After learning, you must then prepare to work hard and keep working as you wait for the fruits to appear. At beginning, it may appear tough but as soon as you start getting your returns, the workload and time demanded will reduce. The major skills require from you is that you must know how to read and write.

How much does it cost to start online jobs or businesses?
You can start some of these online businesses without spending any money, not even a kobo. It’s true! You can register for a website, design it, build it and register with all the required companies and pay absolutely nothing. I mean #0.00! The only cost you will incur is the cost of browsing for just few hours every day or week.

What is this suppose to mean?
It means that you can start making money online in Nigeria today without spending any money as initial capital unlike in most other businesses. So, it is simply a No-risk venture. You can even begin the journey today, right now as I’m talking to you.
You can be making more money than most of these bankers and civil servants. Think about it. No more endless application letters, running unwontedly for immigration jobs and suffering over their dirty aptitude tests and begging employers. No need carrying file from one office to another. No more anxiety and worries when you start your own website business or online jobs today.

Do people actually make legitimate income online in Nigeria from these internet businesses? Or is it just the usual internet business of a thing.
Yes, online business is very real and many people make lots of legitimate money every day from the Internet right here in Nigeria. I could not believe this to be real not until I cash my first cheque. I realized that it was truly real.

I started internet business in midyear of 2009; I have earlier said this in one of earlier post on online business. I started as a newbie but time changes; I have grown professional. I have taught others on how to do it. I know that it is something that anybody can learn because some of my students have become millionaires by applying the knowledge they gained from the online training materials and resources I provided for them.
Now, I am going to show you the top online jobs available for you. I will be sharing with you all the online Jobs I do and I will teach you how to do them

A hidden secret
Many people in Nigeria are yet to know about the true secret of online business. Those who were able to discover this secret are making thousands of naira every month and never bother themselves applying for the jobs (white collar jobs) that are hardly seen. Instead of applying for jobs, they are making money from people like you who are busy searching for those jobs every day. This is the secret of most popular Nigerian job websites like Careers Nigeria, nigeriahotjob, Naija Hot Jobs, Jobberman, etc. Very many of them make more than $1, 200 (N300000) and above every month. Those other popular Nigerian blogs and forums like Linda Ikeji blog, Nairaland, nigeriabestforum are also in this business.

How I started
I was introduced into blogging in 2009 during my service year in Ekiti State by my senior colleague. He taught me how to start affiliate program. Though, I could not continue because the only well known affiliate program then was Amazon Affiliate program and I needed to open a foreign account (pay pal account). My colleague charges me about $500 for that but I could not pay for that. I was opportune to try my hand on other kinds of internet business that you can think of because I had free internet access on my PPA work place. Disappointedly, they never yielded a good result. I tried FBN money investment, betting, data entry, paid surveys, MLM, guest posting, liberty reserve, emails reading, just name them but not even one of them worked.

What happened next?
One faithful day, my senior colleague and I attended an internet business workshop where I actually got right the information about online business. We were taught how to make money online by starting a website and blogging. Everything was practically demonstrated. I met the real people who were actually making thousands of naira every month from their own websites. This was their job, nothing more. We were showed how to do it and it was that workshop that changed my life.

N25, 000 (166.36) in first month!

For the first six to eight months, tried Affiliate program again I made little to nothing from my hard work I almost gave up but the information and eBook on online business I got from the workshop inspires me and Good Lord being on my side, I continued.
Every successful person will surely have a story to tell.
As the month’s progresses, things began to change and I thought it wise to embark on full monetization of my site. I sign up for Google AdSense program. At the eve of my Google AdSense program, I made $166.36 (N25, 000). In second month, the money double and it kept increasing geometrically in subsequent months

See my first month Google AdSense earning at the start of my online business

My Online Jobs Google AdSense Earning
And as I told you, my earning kept increasing.

How long do you need to work before making money online?
It all depends on you. How fast your success will be depends largely on how determine and dedicated you are. If you want quick results then you have to invest on online advertisement which might cost you some money. But without advertisement, you may start getting returns at the 6th – 10th months; making close to 45, 000 – 200, 000 naira.

How I got paid.
Do you remember why I could not succeed at my initial attempt on Amazon affiliate program? – Pay pal account (foreign account) which I could not open. It is not all online businesses that are ideal for people living here in Nigeria because; most of the businesses are managed by foreign companies some whom see Nigerians as frauds.
For my Google AdSense, I get paid through foreign cheques sent from overseas to my address here in Nigeria. It was sent through courier services like DHL. It takes between 2 to 3 weeks for the cheque to arrive.
Foreign cheques can not be cash in a regular bank account. The only way to cash a foreign cheque in Nigeria is to use a special type of bank account known as a domiciliary account. A domiciliary account can be opened in most banks in Nigeria.
There is NO need opening a domiciliary account when you’ve not started an online business. It is only when you are ready to get paid that you will need one. It is not difficult to open one. You can go to any bank and ask them about domiciliary accounts, GTBank is the best option.
As I receive the cheque, I pay it into my domiciliary account. It usually takes 21 days to clear after which it reflects in my account and I can now withdraw the cash. Don’t worry about this, in my online training program I also explain how you can go about obtaining a domiciliary account.

Thank God for Google; in earlier this year, Google has automated a directed bank deposit payment of AdSense Earning right into publishers’ bank account through international wireless service. So, you and I can now say bye-bye to stress of receiving cheque from oversea.

Here are the top 12 work at home online jobs for Nigerians and the ones I do to make money online.

There are very many different ways of making money online, I selected the best 13 ways which I believe will work perfectly for every Nigerians. You can do them legally with little or no start-up capital investment. These first five works at home online jobs;
1. Information marketing
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Google AdSense program
4. Blog & blogging business
5. Copyright product and Information Product Sell, are the ones that I’m currently doing which bring in most of the money my company are earning online. I cannot begin now to go into detail about how to set up each of the businesses above because it’s not just a simple step by step process. There are a number of things you need to learn and understand first before you can do any of the businesses above and hope to make as much as I’m making.

How would you succeed in your online business in Nigeria?
During the course of six years that it took me to learn internet business and became successful in it, I encounter numerous problems but one major problem that serves as a setback was lack of right information and skills needed to make real money online. Unfortunately, newbie who are just coming into the business still face the same challenge today. It is not that there no information on online business out there but the real problem was that there are too many of them, most of which were either absolutely wrong or do not present the true picture of what online business should look like.

Therefore, if you actually want to succeed on online business you need the right information at the right time.
That why my company have deemed it necessary to design an online business training program. The programs have been design in such a way that it will cost you little to nothing to get the right information needed for success in online business in Nigeria.

Our internet based e-learning and training courses for A-Z online jobs and internet businesses for Nigerians.

Our e-training online jobs programs offer you the opportunity to work from home and become a millionaire. You may be earning not less than N150000 if you successful go through any 2-3 of these our online business course package. No matter the type of person you are, as long as you can browse by yourself you can do it. You don’t need to know anything about website design or computer or any of that difficult stuff.

This is the glimpse of the package content of our online business training
1. Basics and fundamental of affiliate marketing.
2. Skills and tools required for affiliate marketing.
3. How affiliate marketing works.
4. How to target profitable market.
5. How to find hot products for the market.
6. How to drive market-specific traffic towards a sale funnel.
7. How to make money with affiliate marketing.
• CASE STUDY : How to make money on Jumia and Konga Affiliate Marketing using facebook, twitter and or Google+
• CASE STUDY : How to make money on Jumia and Konga Affiliate Marketing using free websites and blog
• CASE STUDY : How to make money on Jumia and Konga Affiliate marketing using your email
• How to join and make money on Web4africa Affiliate Program
• How to join and make money on Kaymu Affiliate program
8. APPLICATION of John Chow affiliate marketing model,
and lots more.

1. Pros and cons of eBook
2. How to create Quality E-book.
3. Different software used for building and compiling good E-book.
4. How to assess and credit eBook
5. How to market E-books and make money from sales.
6. How to purchase E-books reseller rights
7. Content marketing
and lots more.

1. How to do Market feasibility study
2. Writing and developing a good business plan.
3. How to write good internet business proposal
4. Online business design
5. How to kick-off.
6. How to monitor your online business growth performance
and many more

1. How to research for Domain and web hosting plans
2. How to develop and design website to suit different online business purpose
3. How to drive traffics to your website

4. How to develop domain name authority and cloud hijack other competitors
5. How TO promote your website and establish your web presence
6. Websites and Blog Monetization
• Google Adsense
• Direct advert campaign
• Affiliate program
• E-book selling
7. How to develop a classifieds sites
8. How to make money on classifieds sites
and lots more

1. Different known social networking sites
2. How to create social networking marketing plan
3. How to chose the right social networking sites
4. How to develop huge fans of your social networking
5. How to convert your fans into clients
6. How to build a compelling facebook business page
7. How to develop twitter networking marketing strategies and plans
8. How to make money on social networking sites.
9. How to develop the best Social media marketing campaigns
and many more

1. Learn the fundamentals of SEOs
2. Keyword research and keyword research tools
3. Comparative study on SEOs and OAO
4. Website on-page and off-page optimization
5. Learn how to avoid keyword cannibalization
6. Use of plug-in for page optimization
7. Complete effective procedure for blog SEOs
and many more

1. Fundamentals of Email marketing
2. Squeeze page creation and Email list building
3. How to write a MUST read Email
4. How stop Email spammers
and many more

1. Basics of E-zine publishing
2. How to start your E-zine publishing
3. Key techniques in E-zine publishing
4. Ways of promoting your E-zine
5. How to make money on E-zine publishing
and many more

1. Freelance writing basics
2. How research best offering freelance writing companies
3. The dos and don’ts of freelance writing

1. Principle of entrepreneurship
2. How to write entrepreneurial business plan
3. How to start entrepreneurial business that grows to Limited liability business
4. Effective ways of raising capital for your business
5. Poultry farming business
6. Rental business
7. Sachets water business
8. Nursery and horticultural business
and many more.

DON’T WASTE TIME AGAIN! ENROLL INTO OUR ONLINE BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM TODAY. Check our online training and consultation page for full information on how to enroll into the course.

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