279 thoughts on “How to Open, Fund & Withdraw from Skrill account in Nigeria”

  1. Hi Emma,
    pls I really nid ur, I av many questions I want to ask you.
    1. I want to use skrill for my bet365 deposit and withdrawal.if I shud withdraw from my bet365 into the skrill acc, does that mean they can do the USD to naira conversion for me,if so wont there be nid for a dom acc anymore since it has bin converted.
    2.for the verification part, is it my normal bank savings/current acc am going to upload or a dom acc.also 4 d card verification,is it my normal naira MasterCard or dollar.
    3.For the SWIFT code.i open my bank acc in Abuja and am currently in delta state.must the SWIFT code be from my bank in Abuja.moreso,if that is so,must I always go to my bank in Abuja everytime I transfer money into my acc from skrill and want to withdraw.
    4.is this SWIFT code really necessary,cos I asked gtb 2ru email for their SWIFT code but they gave me a pdf which I dont really understand.
    thanks emma

    1. Hello Dimeji,
      Please, use our referral link (https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=82520224) for signing up for the skrill account. We will be here to help you run your skrill account smoothly. We partner with skrill.

      1. you can use your skrill for bet365.
      2. you can use your naira mastercard for verification
      3. you can use savings account for funding your skrill account.
      4. You need Domiciliary account for receiving payment via skrill account.
      5. all gtbank for instance have the same SWIFT code. SWIFT code are used for international money transfer.
      3. You don’t need to been going to your bank each time you want to withdraw from you skrill account, you can withdraw money from comfort of your home.

  2. I have a skrill account which I have verified and added my MasterCard details and bank details, but I have been trying to fund it and I keep getting a declined transaction. Wat could be the cause??

    1. Hello George,
      Which Bank (bank name and type of account) and MasterCard do you use in verifying the skrill account?

      I want to believe that you registered your Skrill account through our Skrill partner link.

      We are here always to assist you in resolving any issue patterning to your skrill account.

  3. Hi Emma.

    Please, I want to get this clear. I need a dom account to withdraw. But do I need it to receive payments?

    I have importers who would be willing to buy dollars from me.
    I have a savings account. I will love to know if I can recieve payments into the account, and then sell.


    1. Hello Dapo Olawale,
      To register and, to receive payment; you need domiciliary account. To fund and, to withdraw from the skrill account; your savings account can serve.

      Please, if you want to register for Skrill account; do well to use our Skrill Partner link.

      We will assist you in resolving any issue patterning to your skrill account

  4. Hi Emma,
    I have an issue verifying my syke bank mastercard coz the money deducted from my account of which am to confirm was in Naira. I contacted their help desk n i was told it could be activated manually and that i needed to get a debit card statement with my debit card number written on the document of which skye bank does not offer only an account statement could be given to me. i submitted the account statement like that to skrill since Friday last week n up till now my card hasn’t been verified.
    Note: the statement of account reflected the naira equivalent of the cash withdrawn by skrill.
    Pls, Does this represent a problem and what could be done to resolve it?

      1. I opened account with skrill, they email me two days ago to confirmed my email address by clicking on a link, I click on the link and my email was confirmed, and I saw the second email asking me to click on a link to enable me gain assess to my account but each time I try, they said I do not have the authorisation to assess the page. Sir, what could be the problem? And what do I do to rectify the problem. Thanks sir. Adolphus Georgewell

  5. I appreciate this post. I’m hoping to start earning soon from Freelancer and I would like to use Skrill. I’ve got a few questions for you.
    1. Do I need a dorm account to verify and fund my Skrill account using GTB Mastercard?
    2. Do I need the dorm account to withdraw from Skrill? Can’t I just withdraw directly to my savings account?

    1. Hello CheeBooZoor,
      You don’t nneed Dom account for verifying and funding your Skrill account. However, you may need Dom account for receiving international payment into Skrill account.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Considering the problems in finding current account holders as referees for the dorm account @ GTB, I was wondering if I could just withdraw straight to my main account pending when I create a dorm account. I’m searching frantically for a current account holder.

  6. Whats the commission like (%age) for a regular skrill account if you want to withdraw $50 or even $100 from skrill into your dorm account?

  7. Hello good day,

    I have a few questions and I believe you are in the best position to answers them Sir.

    First, is there anyway to make withdrawals from Nigerian PayPal account to my local bank account without linking my PayPal to a skrill account?

    Secondly, pls kindly guide me on the procedure for linking Nigerian PayPal account to skrill or payoneer account to receive funds.

    Also, I heard that Dom account fees are quite expensive, is there any other bank you can recommend with lower charges? or that doesn’t even require a Dom account to receive payment from either the skrill/payoner account.

    looking forward to a swift response Sir

    thank you.

  8. great post. Just some few questions:

    1) Can I send money to another person outside nigeria from my skrill? if yes what is the max?

    2) any limit of how much i can fund my skrill account from my Naira mastercard or savings account with GTB?


    1. Can I send money to another person outside Nigeria from Skril account? Yes.
      What is the max? it depends if it is verified or not verified. Wait bit; did you register your skrill account through us?

      1. ok, because i tried funding my skrill account and its asking me for neteller user name and id… please explain what it means, thank you sir.

        1. Hello Abiola,
          You can fund your Skrill account with your neteller account ( that is, if you have one) but you can choose to fund it through other means like using your GTBank Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Diners, Maestro, Paysafecard etc.

  9. Good afternoon Emmanuel, i might have a problem with my physical address verification cos The address on my Voters card and temporary national ID card is different from where i stay now,
    I live in Ilorin now, but have Ibadan address on my voters card n ID card. which of the two addresses will be advisable to use?
    Thanks alot.

  10. good morning sir i just need to be sure if i can link my saving account to skrill and also if if can withdraw from skrill to saving account i operate a first bank saving account

  11. Hello emma…

    If i link my Gtb savings acct to my skrill acct. Can i withdraw from skrill to a friends dom acct that does not bear my name…

  12. please i registered a skrill account before i found your site and added my GTBANK naira mastercard and diamond visa card but they could not verify both cards.
    do i need to get verified before i can fund my skrill account with $150 and send to someone else skrill account?

  13. Hi emma, just a few questions. I have FCMB savings Account which the banks told me that i can receive money from abroad even if I don’t have a Domiciliary Account but the money will Be converted to naira , can I Link it to my skrill Account and make withdrawal? 2. Must i go to the bank to do all these verifications, because i am about to start a job which I will Be paid through skrill Account. 3. Dose skrill have any Master card.

    1. Hello Mohammad Musa,
      We are sorry for the late response!
      For now, It is only GTBank mastercard; that has work fine when using it to verify and fund skrill account. I don’t know of any other bank that work. There is harm in trial, you can try FCMB.
      You don’t need to go to bank to do verification. Skrill doesn’t have any Master Card. Help us, Lets help you…register or sigh up for your skrill account through our SKrill partnership link

  14. hello.. i need to convert my skrill fund to cash .my exchangers have temporarily disable their account i would like to know if anyone is interested..i reside in ibadan.

  15. Good morning,
    Your information’s above are so helpful, but have not register for skrill yet. My questions are Can I found skrill account with Heritage MasterCard or Ecobank debit card because I have both on Naira denomination.
    All the procedure involved on how to register and verify my account.

    1. Hello Osas,
      The ONLY Naira mastercard that I know that work for now is GTBank Naira mastercard. Howover, I will suggest you try Heritage MasterCard or Ecobank debit card. If you are registering for skrill account, I will appeal that you register through our SKrill Partner link

  16. Good day,
    I have a First bank MasterCard for my savings account, Can I use it to fund my skrill account and also withdraw from it, especially with this new cbn policy where you can not use your naira MasterCard for foreign transactions any longer

  17. hi, i tried to deposit funds on my skrill account and after uploading my master card details i was told no upload possible.what does it mean.thanks

  18. Hello Emma,

    I am yet to open Scrill account and will do so through your link. I have my sister living in Canada, We do business together,she sends shoes and bags for me to sell here in nigeria. We have been having trouble because after the goods are sold in naira,converting it to dollar has become a problem with the exchange. I would like to send back the money in dollars so she can buy again. If I open a scrill acct with my naira mastercard, can I deposit the money to her account in canada? Is the exchange that scrill gives from naira to dollar better than black market? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi Emma,

    I have a personal Skrill account but cannot receive money with it…they company (Empowr) said that my Skrill account rejected the payment, and so they could not send the money to me. Pls what could be the problem?

    Although, I have not added and verified my GTbank account and my Naira master card, nor uploaded any thing to my Skrill account, pls could this be the problem?


      1. Pls Emma,

        Do you have any idea what they need to do before they can send me money on Skrill?
        I ask this so that I can know what to advise them, they just told me that they have try it again but it still reject it…I’ve been battling how to get this money since last April.
        I’ll really appreciate your help.

  20. Hello Emma,
    I’m trying to open a Skrll account via your link. Please, I need GTB swift code to complete my Bank Detail Verification Stage. Thank you greatly.

  21. Hi Emeka,
    I signed up for skrill through your link, and on my dashboard is the bold notice saying, “Please be aware that we no longer accept bank-wire deposits or facilitate bank-wire withdrawals in US dollars.”

    Does this not defeat everything you have said so far about receiving money into domiciliary account, especially if we have the money in a Payoneer account etc?

    1. Hello Tola,
      You can fund your skrill account from GTbank Naira MasterCard. What you see written boldly is, “Please be aware that we no longer accept bank-wire deposits or facilitate bank-wire withdrawals in US dollars.” I don’t understand your argument.

      1. I think he is asking that, based on that notification is possible for skrill to permit someone to draw funds to their us dollar account

  22. I have a Dom account with stealing bank can I Link both accounts? Can I also make payment to someone without having a skrill account? How long does it take to open a skrill account?

  23. Hello I opened a skrill account for funding my bet365 account but tried verifying it with first bank MasterCard but to no avail, so please give me a break down wat I need to fund my bet365 account and also withdraw wen d time comes.

  24. Good evening Emma. I want to register. Please help me with this. If I fund my skrill account with gtbank naira debit Mastercard, can I withdraw my money back to my Gtbank savings account? What is the fees? I actually want to use it for sport betting. Will bookmakers like bet365 require me more verification if I fund my account through skrill? Will bet365 require me to have a Dom acct before I can withdraw my winnings back to my skrill account? Thanks

  25. Hello Emma,

    Please explain what you mean when you say :

    1. that one can link their local savings account for deposits to skrill? does it mean that skrill will provide a naira account for the transfer or will they receive in dollars ?

    2. Using GTbank naira mastercard, is this another means to funding skrill or its the same means you refer to as funding via savings account?

    3. I will appreciate it if you can quickly connect these dots for me as its still confusing in my head. ( naira mastercard funding & saving account transfer.)

    1. My reason is : For the transfer option, skrill gives a UK bank account with swift code and i dont know how local transfer can be done with international swift code.

      Also, What is the limit in naira that can be done on GTB master card ?

  26. Your post was extremely helpful. I am not sure GTB is into currency exchange. So when uploding funds into one’s skrill account, who does the conversion, skrill or GTB? Thank you very much for this post.

  27. I’ve tried all the phone numbers you have on your site, none are going through. Please I need an active line to call or you can call me; 08029278009…I have a question about your skrill link, please get back to me asap

  28. I just opened a skrill account and I’ve verified my gtb mastercard, but it keeps telling me transaction declined whenever I try to fund the account with my gtb MasterCard

  29. I got a reply from gtbank today that skrill funding through gtbank mastercard has been suspended. Can you please confirm and advice on an alternative means

  30. Can anyone assist with information on any merchant that can buy Skrills from me at the moment. I have about $75 that I will like to exchange to naira. Alternatively, I don’t mind if anyone is interested in the direct deal. Thanks

  31. Good Day, when I try tp add an account to skrill, it requests for nuban account no and my bank. How can i add a domiciliary account to skrill

  32. Hello. I Wanted to withdraw funds from my skrill to my $dom account but I will like to know wat their charges are and wat their conversion fee is. Also, if am to withdraw to a euro dom account will they charge me less.

    1. Hello Saint,
      The withdrawal charge is $4.00. If there is a change in withdrawal charge, it will be shown to you on the website page before you make fund withdrawal The charges are the same when converted.

  33. Hello Emma. Merry christmas . I want to know if I can verify my skrill account with my voter’s card or national I’d card slip (NIMC). Thanks

  34. Complement of the season to you sir. I tried withdrawing my skrill funds to my Dom account bt it says the transaction will be processed in naira. Please can u explain wat it implies. Thanks

  35. Hello, I tried verifying my access bank and firstbank naira master cards but it was not successful because skrill made a debit of an amount in dollars on my bank accounts but the bank statement for my account does not reflect this dollar debit. How can I verify my naira master cards?

  36. Thanks for ur response. My domiciliary account happens to be the only bank account linked to my skrill account and yet it says the transaction will be processed in naira. So am kinda confused.

  37. HI, i have my account open with Skrill, and my account verified. how do I make payment into the skrill account in order to pay my expertoption account .

  38. Hello Mr Emma, please I want to open a skrill account but from some of d posts here it seems it’s only possible to fund d skrill account with a gtb naira Mastercard and I saw a post were u said gtb does not accept such transactions any longer. Please is there any other way of funding d skrill account? ….thanks

  39. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for your responses, you ve been so helpful. Please does GTbank naira mastercard still work skrill funding and whats the exchange rate?

  40. I have money in my Skrill account to sell if you want to fund your Skrill account call me or whatapp 09051383734

    The admins of this site does not accept phone number, they are not aware of on this site.

  41. And Emma pls can I use someone else card to fund my skrill too after verifying with my gtcard…or do I verify every card I put

      1. Hi, Emma, I don’t think your information is accurate about the need of domiciliary account before international payment can be received into Skrill account. You can receive payment so long as you have an email and you can withdraw Your Skrill money through local bank account or visa card in Nigeria.

  42. Hi Emma, just stumbled on your site; it’s very rich. I had problem opening a skrill acc. After opening, I tried signing in , but the repeated pop-up is “invalid credentials”. I don’t know if I can use same email to re-register ‘cos I think the system had captured it. But if yes, I would use ur link, and pls I would need ur assistance in verification. thank

  43. Good evening. Please as at today, the official price of dollar to naira is 1=305 if I fund my skrill account with 20000 how many dollars am I expecting to see in my skrill account after all charges. Bank deposit as method of funding

  44. This guys are wicked… How can you ppl advice somebody to withdraw via dom account by putting their domicile account no? This skrill people will restrict your account and your money seized after trying that and you wont be able to operate your account.

    1. Hello Edens,
      Who are you referring to as this guys? Please, do not confuse us. Why should skrill..”restrict your account and your money seized” when you input your domiciliary account to withdraw your money.

  45. Hello Emma, Is it still possible to withdraw dollars from skrill to my domicialliary account, it seems I can only see Naira from the conversion above. Awaiting your reply soon thanks.

  46. Hello all, pls I saw on Skill website that they no longer accept withdrawal of USD via wiretransfer : “Please be aware that we no longer accept bank-wire deposits or facilitate bank-wire withdrawals in US dollars”

  47. Hello Emma. Nice site, I have to commend you, I noticed you Reply virtually everyone that asked s questions. Thumbs up.

    I have a question, I have opened skrill long before seeing your site. Now I want to verify, the code that will be sent to my address. That will be difficult cos I doubt if the address can be found cos of location.
    Secondly if I fund with my Gtbank debit card, will I be charged at the official bank rate or the black market rate.
    Thanks for your time.

  48. Hello Emma

    I want to open an account with Skrill as a Freelancer, do I need a Dom account or my GtNaira Master Card is fine, thank you

    1. Hello Emma

      I tried withdrawing from my Skrill Account, but I got a message Transaction cancelled, because your bank rejected the transaction, Please advise, what should I do

  49. Boss, Very rich website, I opened skrill account and I verified it with my GT Mastercard, but when I want to fund it with that same Mastercard it telling me that my transaction was declined.

    What do i do to fund my skrill account with the Mastercard.

  50. thanks for the quick reply. I tried to transfer 500 USD, since it was stated for me that the maximum is 769 USD. or is it that GT bank has stop funding with their card. But i used the same card to verify the account.

  51. can i convert my skrill balance to bitcoin and have it sent to my wallet? secondly where can i sell my skrill payments since i dont have a dom account.

  52. hello, first I appreciate ur site and ur commitment to all issues raised.
    I want to ask if my USD Dom account is my primary account and I withdraw from skrill to the dom account will I be paid in dollars or Naira….if anyone has tried it pls. thanks

  53. Can u help me send money to a bet prediction site using skrill I will pay into Ur bank acct cos I will find it hard opening a skrill acct. 1. I don’t have a master card . 2. i don’t have a Gtb acct. I operate a sterling bank acct and der use verve card only. I will send u d money first maybe to Ur bank acct. i really nid to subscribe to diz prediction site. U can send me Ur phone numba or whatapp numba lets talk . i want a swift reply from u .

  54. Plz have very many account but could upload money…. I always get repliy saying my transaction decline plz help me
    Wat should I do plz

  55. Hello Emma, nice work! Please I just want to fund my bet365 account using skrill from my Gtbank naira savings account using my Mastercard and also be able to withdraw from my bet365 account via skrill even though if I would be receiving the payment in naira I don’t mind. Please how possible is this? Let me know so I can sign up with your link. Thanks

  56. sir. what exchange rate will be use if I withdraw $100 from my skrill to gtbank naira master card. is there any additional fees.

  57. Confirmed! GTbank has disabled its naira master card from funding skrill. Please is there any other means of funding skrill?

  58. I tried to withdraw from my skrill account to my GTB dom account but it keeps getting cancelled. Please,what could be the reason?

  59. Bros I appreciate all ur comments, I got ur contact during the process of reading through ur site and I will give u a call tomorrow and God blesas u.

  60. Hello,

    I deposited to skrill using GTbank mastercard.

    For those having issue with depositing to skrill, you can try Neteller option or payza.com

    Thanks for your guide.

  61. thank you so much for the reply… which is best to use wen verifying a skrill acct is selecting it for gambling or Non gambling. my biz is binary options

      1. Verifying the card does not work and so does funding. went to the bank and was told that it has been disabled from funding skrill.

        1. I went to the bank and that is what i was told. They also asked me to send an email to their card solution center to see if they can do anything about it, I did and i got the same response from them.

  62. Hello. Pls how can I verify my primary mastercard on Skrill. They ask for the statements before they will lift the restriction on my Skrill account. Thanks

  63. Please, My attempts to Upload funds with GTB card is being decline, GTB says issue if from Skrills and skrills support says i should clear browser history etc (which didnt solve it) Please any suggestions on how to solve this problem.

    1. Hello citylight,
      If you have your permanent Nigeria Voter’s card, you can try it to see if it will be accepted. It has not been used. National card, driving license, and international passport are accepted.

  64. Thanks guys, this is so helpful. Quick one, just to be clear, can I fund my Skrill account with my GTB naira Mastercard and withdraw to my GTB domiciliary account. And if so, at what rate would the conversion be done, GTB or Skrill? Also, would there be any other information I may need to know about this process

  65. hello guys, good morning… is GTB naira Master card still working with skrill and neteller accounts. i want to know if i have to open a gtbank account, i have been trying to make payment through moneygram to someone who is in cote d’iviore, but the all the banks in my area don’t seem to send, they only accept…. please, any other viable option?

  66. Well done. U have touched on so many issues. Just like many here, funding from my Gtb Maura MasterCard was declined and it was confirmed that it has been suspended. I do have a dom account and I am in the process of getting a dollar MasterCard. My question is will Gtb allow me to fund my skrill account with the dollar mastercard and withdraw to it as well?.

    1. Hello Edwin Agili,
      How do you confirm what you are saying? You can still fund your skrill account with GTBank naira mastercard. Yes, you can also fund with dollar mastercard if Dom account is your primary account.

  67. You can fund your account tru gt master card and access visa card ,those two bank av a monthly limit of 100$, to confirm from gtbank..call the numbers on your card…customers care you find in the bank no nothing about international transaction…and if you have skrill for sell you can send your number to my mall
    ….or drop your number

  68. skrill accepts GTB naira mastercard for verification… i have done it. my question is this, how many days would it take skrill to fund my dollar acct and how many days to fund my dollar card (VISA). i need to calculate the number of days to withdraw my money very urgent plssss.

  69. hello Mr Emma,
    thanks for your update and quick reply. I just created my skrill account and I want to fund the account through my master card but not available. pls is there any other way I can fund my skill account

  70. Hello, Am I glad I stumbled on this when I needed it the most. Your efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated Mr Emeka. You too try.
    Please I want to know, what’s the package deal with funding skrill account via bitcoin. Is it also possible to withdraw into my bitcoin wallet? Bcos I don’t have a GTBank account talk less of domicilliary account.

      1. Im yet to open my account but I’ve searched the skrill website top to bottom and I’m yet to see any option for bitcoin wallet withdrawal. So bro, is there really an option for that or do you just have your way of making it work?

  71. I tried to withdraw 25 dollars from my skrill account to my GTB domicilary account, but it was showing canceled. is there any other domicilary bank that accepts skrill.

  72. Please I av a SKRILL acc in euro currency but I verified my GTB acc master card which is in naira. Is it possible to fund d SKRILL acc dat is in euro with d GTB savings account which is in naira?

  73. Why is it that we can’t withdraw money from our skrill account to our Naira Saving Account again?
    Still withdrew money last month.
    The withdrawal always get cancelled.
    What can we do now to save this situation.

      1. This was their customer care response when I contacted them.

        Hello Seyi Oluyide , thank you for talking to us. Please know that our naira master card has been disabled from performing transactions on skrill.
        Please note that such transactions cannot be initiated anymore. Thank you.
        We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
        Kindly contact the merchant and you will be advised. Thank you.

  74. Good evening sir!!
    I haven’t verify my address on my skrill but someone want to send me some dollars into it.
    please I wanna know if I can be able to send or receive money through it???

  75. Please if I have funds in my skrill euro account can I still withdraw the money back to my gtbank euro account? Because I found out that skrill operates in euro and any other currency except usd withdrawal and gtb on the other hand can’t accept any euro fund coming inside the usd domiciliary account.

  76. Good morning sir!!
    I haven’t verify my address on my skrill account but someone want to send some dollars into it.
    please I wanna know if I can be able to send or receive money through it??

  77. I opened the account Skrill and to fund become issue for the past months. Ofcourse Nigeria guys could scam… I need any seller to fund my account.

  78. Please help, I registered and I have dropped my bank details, clicked on verify and waiting for them to charge me but till now they have not. What could be the problem. I can’t do anything without the verification. I use s gtb savings account. Thanks.

      1. Not charge per se. I read there that a certain amount will be charged, like 2$ and refunded back to me after verification. I have even called gt bank but they said they no longer support Skrill so I can’t use it. Please what other bank can I use?

  79. I want to open a skrill account which is personal but I want to know more about funding my account..I don’t make use of Gtb naira MasterCard but ecobank MasterCard, can I still fund my account with it..pls help me on this..very urgent

  80. You said the maximum amount to deposit to skrill account using gtb naira master card is $100 per month right so is there any maximum amount to witdraw per month in gtb saves account

    1. Each of them with its own advantage and disadvantage. One method of getting your money from neteller is to open skrill account, verify it. Exchange neteller to skrill, withdraw from skrill to any visa card issued to you by any bank.

  81. i need skrill with exchange for naira. i have tried the verification , but its not working. Even the upload is always declining. drop your number if willing to exchange skrill for naira

    1. Which bank is that? If it is GTBank, that’s fine. Though, almost all Nigeria bank work now. To start, I want to believe you register through our skrill partner link. Please, do support us. We are always here to help you out. It seems you’ve not be following the right steps.

      1. When you register on skrill, login to your skrill account. select upload. This takes you to upload step 1: select payment method.

      2. select credit/debit card to link your GTBank mastercard to your skrill account (DO NOT SELECT MANUAL BANK TRANSFER). Manual bank transfer does not work any longer due to money regulations. If you have bitcoin or Neteller account you can use any of them too.
      3. Enter you bank debit card; Serial number, expiration date and CVV. Click on save to save the details.

      4. Select and click on verify now , you will also see the maximum amount per transfer and the charge; (max. USD 143.91 and 1.9 % fee). Once done, you are go to go!!! The fund upload is instant.

      If you have any challenge while doing this, don’t hesitate to call me that’s if you register through our skrill partner link. My phone number is 2347038844464.

  82. Hello Admin,
    thanks for the wonderful writeup. you are doing a great job. can you please give us your whatsapp number so we can chat with you better one on one.

  83. Hey,

    I would have some questions related to using Naira to buy amazon gift cards or skrill. Can I desposit naira to my skrill and use it to buy gift cards ? Can I also conver naira to Dollar in Skrill ?

    Thx again !

  84. I have been trying to verify my GTBANK naira mastercard but I have’nt been able to, please what should I do?

  85. Hello Mr Emma
    Need your help on this, can I make use of a current account instead of a domicilliary account because right about now I can’t open a dom account. Thank you

  86. Hello oga emma, abeg i’m thinking of operating a skrill account and also open a dorm account for the widrawal. but it seems nobody has a good testimony odf being able to withdraw even to the dorm account.
    pls your suggestion is important

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