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Cost & Challenges of Starting Public Tutorial Centre

This article is designed to guide you on the cost and challenges of starting public tutorial Centre business. I don’t know the part of Nigeria you are reading this post from; however, I want you to understand that economic conditions differ significantly.

The major reason why I usually avoid discussing about the cost on this site is because costs or profits are all relative. For example, the amount you will need to rent space in Abuja can comfortably take care of all your cost in certain part of Oyo.  You can’t also expect the payment of teachers in Abuja to be the same with the payment of teachers in Kano? Even some other materials you might expect to be of the same price are not. You see now that it does not make sense to jump into conclusion that certain amount of money is what you will need to start a public tutorial centre in Nigeria. The best way I think will be to go out and investigate the cost of things you need. You`ll definitely get the cost of things you needed to get started with tutorial business in your locality. However, for the purpose of this article; I will consider the cost and challenge of starting tutorial centre in Enugu Nigeria. But before I proceed further, let’s look at major things needed to start public tutorial centre business in any locality.

Things needed to start public tutorial/Lesson centre

If you`re planning to start a tutorial business, some of the major things you may need are;

  • A Space – Space is the major thing you need to start up a public tutorial. Once you’re settle with space and a good location, you’re good to go.
  • Stationery (Marker board, pens, textbooks etc)
  • Furniture (chairs and desks)
  • Generator sets
  • Teachers

Cost of starting public Tutorial centre in Enugu Nigeria

Below is a typical cost of starting Public Tutorial Centre in Enugu City,  Nigeria. In rural Area of Enugu, the cost can even go down to Zero kobo.

  • Rent = N250000
  • Stationery (Marker board, pens, textbooks etc) = N30000
  • Furniture (benches and desks for a start) = N150,000
  • Generator set = N55,000
  • Logistics = N50,000
  • Backup finance (including advert) = 20000

Total – N500,000

Challenges of Starting a Tutorial/Lesson Centre in Nigeria

Tutorial centre business is a lucrative business but not without its challenges.  There are many challenges you’ll face when running a public tutorial centre. These challenges include;

Availability of space with a good location

Good location matters a lot in public tutorial business as many students tend to judge a tutorial center by its location which is not easy to find. If you’re using under a tree or behind someone’s house it makes you look unprofessional. That does not that you can’t use your free compound for a start. A location close to where the students are living is best.

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Examination Touts and Mercenaries

Examination mercenaries and impersonators are everywhere. some of them might want to poach your students into patronizing them. It’s common these days to have candidates waiting for already answered questions sent to their phones in the examination halls. These are touts who want to give your tutorial centre a bad name. So, you have to be watchful and alert during examination time.

Channeling of your students to private tutorial by your teachers

This is one of the major challenges of public tutorial centre. Students tend to follow the advice of their teachers. They can easily be lured into private tutorial by the very qualified teacher you employed to work for you. The best way to solve this kind of challenge is to constantly checkmate the activities of your teachers.

Poor number students

If your tutorial centre is not producing students with good results or grade, you’ll begin to see the number of students in your centre decreasing. So, you must make every possible to see that your students produce good results or grade otherwise you will never make it in this business. No Parent would want to send his/her ward in poor performing tutorial centre.

Unqualified teachers

Have an enormous certificate does make a teacher qualify to teach in tutorial centre. Most teachers who have such certificates cannot deliver in class. Remember, the way students are taught in normal school is totally different from the way students are taught at tutorial centre.

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After writing this article and I forgot to mention capital as a challenge to start of tutorial centre; I don’t think I’ll forgive myself… lol. The truth is that there is no tangible business you’ll embark upon that will not require capital. Inadequate capital can be a challenge or barrier to starting of public tutorial centre. Therefore, you need to save sufficient capital before going into public tutorial business.

If you can solve some of these challenges, I’ll give you my word; you will definitely succeed in your tutorial/lesson centre business.

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