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Computer Business Centre: challenges & ways to promote

Computer business centre,  also known as the business centre is one of the thriving service businesses in Nigeria.  Business Centres Business is virtually in all hook and cranny across Nigeria. But, some people who open business centre have shut down because they are overwhelmed by the numerous challenges associated with the business.  Again, the majority of computer business centre owners can’t figure out ways to promote the business.  And this is why most computer business centres close up prematurely.

So, it is vital you get acquitted with these challenges and ways to overcome them before venturing into a business centre business. Once, you can overcome these challenges, with promotions you can succeed in business centre business.

Let look at the challenges and ways to promote your computer business centre

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Challenges of computer business centre

Some of the major challenges mitigating against the success of a computer Business centre in Nigeria include:

  1. Epileptic power supply
  2. Multiple taxes
  3. Sub-standard computers/computer accessories
  4. Software virus challenge
  5. Unavailability of Good Computer Technician

Let’s explore these challenges in detail and proffer ways to overcome them

Epileptic Power Supply

An epileptic power supply is one of the major challenges of computer business centre in Nigeria. Computer Business centre requires constant power supply to function effectively. The power supply in Nigeria is nothing to write home about and this has adversely affected every business in the country.

To stay profitable in computer business centre, you should just assume that you are going to be running generators for a 24 hours basis, 365 days in a year. What this entails is that you need to have at least 3.0 – 7.5 KVA Generator set and be ready to fuel it at any point there is a power shortage.

Multiple Taxes

Starting a private business in Nigeria is more like opening an office for local councils and state government. Multiple taxes and payments from different quarters of government and even from fraudsters are a serious challenge to computer business centre.

You just need to know the right taxes to pay for and the proper way to pay them. While these taxes can’t be avoided, extreme care needs to be taken in order not to be exploited by hungry fraudsters and government officials.

The best way to overcome multiple taxes is to find out from other computer business centres, what taxes they do pay for and how they go about with the payment.

Sub-Standard Computers/Computer Accessories

There are a lot of fake and substandard computer accessories in the market and it won’t make sense if you invest in such products that won’t last for the long for you. Direct Belgium or second-hand computers or laptops are not good for starting a computer business centre. Most computer business centre has closed up because they started with second machines.

It would be better to buy brand new computers for a start and original ones rather than fake or cloned ones. When your capital can’t meet up this, wait and raise capital for the business

Software Virus Challenge

Viruses are key challenge to a successful business centre with a cyber cafe. It can eat deep into your system or software and get every file demand. When this type of problem affects your clients or customers’ file, they will not be ready to do work their work at your centre.

Unfortunately, computer business centre operators don’t know how to take care of their computers talk more about installing antivirus on the computer. They end up exposing their systems to virus attack with the efficiency their computer reduced to 0%.

To overcome this challenge, always hire the service of a computer technician for constant checks and maintenance of your computers and software monthly or quarterly.

Unavailability of Good Computer Technician

A good computer technician is scarce in most locality. Most times, when these machines are being handled or repair by more than one technician it tends to go faulty always.

Getting a good computer technician can solve a lot of issues for you in the computer business centre business. While they may not be many of them, I will suggest you stick to one technician who good and reliable.

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Ways to Promote Computer Business Center

One thing is to start up a business, the other is reaching your target market. There are lots of competition out there. This is why you need to promote your business.

If you are looking to promote computer business centre, here are some ways to promote your business centre in Nigeria;

  1. Sharing Company’s Brochure
  2. Giving out your company’s business card
  3. Sharing flyers
  4. Sharing newsletters
  5. Sending out Introductory letters
  6. Creating Promotional tote bags
  7. Creating your web Presence

Sharing Company’s Brochure

One of the ways to promote a computer business centre is to share your business brochure free of charge to strategic offices that may need your services in the near future. When you don’t have fund to produce a brochure, you can resort other ways below.

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Giving out your company’s business card

Designing and giving out your company’s business cards to different offices that may need your service in near is another great way to promote your computer business. This is usually a cost-effective method of promoting business centre business as you can design and print the business card yourself.

Sharing of Flyers

You can also share flyers containing all the services the business centre render. These must be well designed and contain all the essential services. Moreover, you must be careful not to waste your money in printing flyers that are not conveying any meaningful information to the public

Sharing Newsletters

Sharing of newsletters is also a good way to promote a computer business centre. These can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It depends on your capital and your profits. If you feel that this is the best method for you, you can go by it.

Sending out Introductory letters

Sending out Introductory Letters to the public and private establishment. When you are seeking a contract from schools, your universities and other establishments; you can send out introductory letters to them.

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Creating Promotional tote bags

Creating a promotional tote bags can go a long way in promoting and exposing your business to a large audience who will later seek for your services. This promotional tote bags can be given out as a gift while you are indirectly advertising your business.

Creating your web Presence

The best way to reach a large audience for your computer business centre is to create a website for the company. If you are innovative and creative, you will attract a lot of clients from online to your business.


There is no business without its own unique challenges. While these challenges can pull down your business, you can defeat them if you discover them earlier. We have enumerated some of computer business centre challenges so that you can start working on them before the cause of harm to your business.

Promoting your computer business centre in long-run increase your profit and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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