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95 Fast Selling China products in Nigeria, Ghana, India & others

Fast selling china products in Nigeria
Fast selling china products

Chinese products have been selling well in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Kenya etc. Many Nigerian citizens import goods and products from china successfully, but some of the problem they face is on the fast selling products to import from China. If what you’re searching for is fast selling China products to import, there are plenty of fast selling China products in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Kenya, etc

Below, I have just compiled a list of fast selling China products in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Kenya etc. If you’re looking for a fast Chinese selling products in Nigeria, or if you wish to diversify into mini importation business. Take the advantage right now. These fast selling products and merchandise are what every entrepreneurs and importer should import. These hot selling products to import from china to Nigeria also sell fast in neighboring countries like Ghana, Benin even including Republic of Kenya, India etc.

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Fast Selling China Products in Nigeria, Ghana, India etc.

So, here we go! The ultimate list of 95 fast selling china products in Nigeria, Ghana, India & others.

Fashion Item

Clothing is a basic kind of goods, and it’ll continuously be in demand. China offers quality materials and attire which can be hot selling into almost any country in Africa. Whereas Nigeria uses a lot of second-hand clothes from countries like the USA, it also imports tons of brand-new garments from China, which made it to be top fast selling products in Nigeria; the reason Nigerian people like second-hand clothes isn’t only based on its top quality but however also on its affordable price.

Second-hand clothes in Nigeria are very popular products and have a very high volume of sales, however there are different cheaper things that are fast selling. If you’re still concerned regarding what is the Chinese fast selling products, merchandise that are fast marketing in Nigeria to make cash or money, then look into these Fashion Items list below;

  1. Clothes
  2. Shoes
  3. Bags
  4. Wrist watches
  5. Fabrics
  6. Hair extensions
  7. Jewelry
  8. Belts
  9. Ties
  10. Hats
  11. Textiles

Machinery & Parts

There is different heavy Chinese products that sell fast and highly demanded in Nigeria, these heavy product is generally meant for companies and industries, if you are looking to set up a decent business or your own company and needing some machine, the good news is that you simply don’t need to travel to china for a market survey on Chinese fast selling machinery, you can actually order the operating machine online through many big online marketplace. These are the fast Chinese selling product in Nigeria on the machinery and parts category;

  1. Recycling machines
  2. Farm implements
  3. Fumigating machines
  4. Vacuum cleaners
  5. Generators
  6. Generator components
  7. Construction equipment
  8. Car batteries
  9. Car stereo
  10. Vehicle and motorcycle tires
  11. Vehicle and motorcycle spare parts
  12. Car Trackers
  13. Sealing machine

Beauty Products

Beauty merchandise is one of the most daily consume items in Nigeria, with the high population in Nigeria, beauty product is among the fast Chinese selling products in Nigeria, mostly female where 80% can’t live without makeup, the fast selling of make-up product in Nigeria are very high and profitable. The Below list are some Chinese fast selling products in Nigeria on the categories of beauty products;

  1. Skin care creams
  2. Lipsticks
  3. Eye lashes
  4. Eye shadows
  5. Foundation
  6. Skin cleaner
  7. Shampoo
  8. Nail extensions
  9. Nail polish
  10. Powders
  11. Perfumes
  12. Bath Soap
  13. Bath oil
  14. Hand sanitizer
  15. Hair Sprays

Kiddie’s Toys

The idea behind the Chinese fast selling of kiddie’s toys and other babies’ products from China is that it has its own season. Kiddie’s toy sells quite well throughout festive period (especially during Xmas). It’s one in all the most effective Chinese merchandise that sells fast during that period. Once you visit the popular Chinese online marketplace, you’d see numerous kiddies’ toys that are there for you. A number of the toys that are fast marketing within the Nigerian market are;

  1. Kid’s cars
  2. Toy Horse
  3. Flying chopper
  4. Toy troopers
  5. Toy gun

I don’t really suggest the gun, however if it will make you cash, then you’ll move ahead and buy. It is one of the most effective hot merchandise to import from China and make cash quick.

Electronic Devices & Accessories

Another kind of product from China that is in high demand and fast selling in Nigeria and other African countries is electronics. China could be a nice producer of all kinds of electronics and gadgets from phones to laptops and plenty of others. One can import high value electronics from China or low-cost ones. Each class can sell fine on nearly any African market. The most common electronics are phones. China offers a large range of phones and phone accessories of every kind and a few of them like Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, and among other have made it to international fame. And Nigeria are massive fans of technology therefore as long as they’ll access a high quality product at an inexpensive price, they’re going to buy it.

Many people set to determine their business on these kinds of product as a result of their simple to sell and bring a decent profit. Cables and items for various electronics also are in high demand in Nigeria. These kinds of product are fast selling even higher in urban areas where nearly half the continent lives. And the most developed country from this angle is Nigeria. Overall, electronics are very fast selling Chinese product.

Both the device and accessories from china are fast selling in Nigeria, whether it’s used or new, the demand of electronic in Nigerian market is incredibly high, The Flows of Used electronics These frame a significant portion of Nigerian imports. A recent study showed that about 60,000 tons of UEEE were imported to Nigeria annually via the ports of Lagos in 2015 and 2016, typically mixed with household product and electronic waste, this shows how the electronic product is been sold in Nigeria,  I have list some electrical devices that are fast selling in Nigeria as below;

  1. Mobile phones
  2. Computers
  3. Decoders
  4. Memory cards
  5. Power banks
  6. Screen guards
  7. Ear phones
  8. Video games
  9. Cameras
  10. Phone screens
  11. Scanners
  12. Printers
  13. Projectors
  14. Dish washers
  15. CCTV Cameras
  16. Electric bulbs

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Medical & Laboratory Equipment

Pharmaceutical merchandise is an excellent chance to think about because of their fast selling in Nigerian market. The health industry is one of the most important industries, and there are very little risks to be taken in this industry. Africa holds over 24 percent of the world’s disease burden which makes the need for drugs to be even higher. The poverty in different African countries and the low level of nutrition for people only contribute to the different diseases found on the continent. Also, the low level of hygiene is to blame for most health problems found in Nigeria.

To meet all the pharmaceutical needs, China has good offers for Pharmaceutical needs in Nigeria. This has resulted in high demand and fast selling of medical product and equipment, not only the drugs are cheaper than similar ones from other countries, but they are of good quality as well. People who want to dive into this type of trading should consider staying informed when it comes to norms and specific regulations. Drugs and pharmaceutical products, in general, can be challenging, but it can also bring a lot of profit because of its fast selling in Nigerian market. Make sure you follow the pharmaceutical guidelines to be able to fulfill the need of some drugs, these are the fast Chinese selling product you can find in Nigerian medical market as blow:

  1. Medical Equipment
  2. Inverters
  3. Solar Panels
  4. Electric lamps
  5. Insulated wire/cable
  6. Refrigerators & Freezers
  7. Purifiers
  8. Speakers and microphones
  9. Washing machines

Food Items

Food product is one of the most fast selling Chinese product in Nigeria, including rice, and other food product that are widely consumed by Nigerians, below is the list of some food items that are fast selling in Nigeria. Nigeria is a large country populated by millions of people. There are African countries with a population that reaches close to 200 million people, such as Nigeria. This aspect makes food and agriculture products a “must have” in any African country. Nigerians like to consume a lot of rice and other food items. They even incorporated it into their culture and made it part of their traditional cuisine. And the most consumed kind of rice in Nigeria is that the white rice which has make it one of the most fast selling Chinese product in Nigeria. These items below are included in fast selling product from China:

  1. Edible oil
  2. Maize
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Wheat
  5. Rice
  6. Cereals
  7. Sugar
  8. Strawberries
  9. Apples

Household Items

Formatted furniture, table and chairs are a very good household product that are very fast selling product from china and also in high demand by Nigerians, gas cooker and some of the bathroom items are also widely selling fast into Nigeria market, most of the rich men in Nigeria prefer an imported furniture from china and other countries because of its unique design, cleanness and well structured. These are the list of some furniture and household items from china that are fast selling and in high demand in Nigeria.

  1. Bedding
  2. Cookers
  3. bathroom items
  4. Candles
  5. Safety Matches
  6. Bathroom Accessories
  7. Formatted furniture
  8. Some types of Furniture

Vehicles & Parts

The automotive market is in constant development, and China is one of the main suppliers regarding vehicles. Also, automotive products are a fast selling Chinese product and always in high demands, used to repair certain cars. It is a complete business which will bring tons of opportunities for import-export firms and increase their profit quick because of its fast selling and high demands in Nigeria. Nigeria needs high-quality vehicles to function on the rough streets and poor infrastructure found on every side of the states.  China understood these needs very well, so a lot of new models appeared on the market to satisfy them. However, the local infrastructure is also improving in a lot of Nigerian Cities. China isn’t only exporting merchandise for the automotive market however also contributing to the enhancements that require to be done.

  1. Vehicles
  2. Vehicles spare parts

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Plastic/ Articles of Plastic

The process of urbanization is once again responsible for the increased demand for plastic products. Nigeria is a great consumer of plastic and articles made of plastic. most of those plastic merchandise is from China and it is fast selling products in Nigeria. Plastic is also the main material used at packaging in most Nigerian stores and markets and it resulted in high demand of plastic products. Plastic is also used for toys, bottles and many other industries which is why the plastic product are fast selling in Nigeria.

Even if African countries tried to develop a plan to supply the demand for plastic locally without importing it, it still needs time to be implemented right. And since so many millions of Nigerian people live in the urban areas, the demand keeps growing from year to year. But China is a great supplier of such goods so, until better options appear, Nigeria can rely on Chinese plastic producers and its fast selling in Nigeria.

  1. Plastics


  1. Articles of iron or steel
  2. Musical instruments
  3. Floor Tiles
  4. Building materials
  5. Sports items


China is known for its technology and robust economy. China is capable of meeting the production/manufacturing demands of the global world with most of their products fast selling in Nigeria.  The above are most fast selling China products in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Kenya etc. you can import.

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