Make Money Online in 2019: 15 Things to do to make money in Nigeria

On the average, about 10000 – 100000 people search “how to make money online” every month. You’re actually reading this post because you want to know how to make money online. Just like you, I’ve always wanted to know how money is being made online, what it entails and of course how to go about it.

This post contains 15 legitimate ways or things to do to make money online in Nigeria fast. Before you finished reading it, you will definitely learn how to Make Money Online in 2019 and with these; you’ll start making money working from the comfort of your home.

This article is lengthy. So, please get a glass of wine, sit-down, relax, read and learn. At the end, try to put into action whatever you’ve learnt here.

Making money online is no new thing.  A good number of persons are already leveraging on the internet opportunities to make a decent living online in Nigeria.

Can I Still Make Money online?

Yes! If you’re determined to learn what’s necessary and willing to give it everything; you will make money online. This is the reason why I have put together this article, to share with you how the whole thing works and what you can do to get started in the right path.

With the current economic situation, even if you’re earning a monthly salary; you will still need passive income to help solve your daily problems. Let me tell you, internet is the best place to make passive income. I will suggest you read more about passive income and ways to earn passive income online.

What do I need to start making money online?

You don’t need to be an internet guru before you can make money online. All you need/ require to start making money online are simple and they include:

·         Computer

·         Internet connection

·          The right information

·         Your best brain

·          To take action when necessary

Getting the right information is the key. If you are not rightly informed, you’re doomed! Giving out the right information is what we know how best to do on this site. We have over 50 tons of articles here on this site that talk about how to make money. Read these articles and take action. You Must Realize the Fact That Action Takers Are Money Makers.

WARNING: Many internet marketers out there sell worthless eBooks that are filled with mouthWatering Promises of making millions of dollars online in less than week or less. Do not be deceived. I think you should consider knowing the real truth about making money online. So, read more about that here

What can I do to make money online?

Here are 15 things to do online to make money. If you need to Get Money Online fast then you need to try out these money making ideas below:

  1. Make Money Online Selling Product(s) – Internet marketplace is largest market in the world. It is gradually taking over the physical market. Almost everybody now leverage on the internet to promote product(s) and make money. With as low as ten thousand naira (N10000.00), Twenty thousand naira (N20000.00), fifty thousand naira (N50000.00), one hundred thousand naira (N10000.00), you can start selling product(s) online.

If you are not selling any product online in this era, then you better think twice.

Recently, I saw an Ad on Facebook where
Babalawo (Herbalist) uses Sales funnel to
sell his product.  See the proof on this picture

how to make money online selling product

Source: Facebook

Oh! This is incredible…

If a herbalist could step up his business, selling online, then you’ve got no excuse.

Stop looking for job and build your own sales Empire online.

It doesn’t have to be in Babalawo line

(Lol, I don’t even support his business type) but the key point is:

[+] Brand yourself.
[+] Get a winning product that solves pressing need.
[+] Take it online; build sales funnel and run ad.

The process is pretty simple.

Instead of working 8-5pm, helping your employer (that’s if you’re employed) to achieve his goal, you can take your “solid legitimate-idea” online, sell to millions of people and help yourself. PERIOD!

You don’t even need an office or huge capital to kickoff.

Let me be more practical for you:
With as little as 5k, you can run FB ads and target a lot of audience that will be interested in your product/service. If you optimize your ad very well using the strategy I’ll show you, 5k/day should drive about 1,000 – 1500 visitors to your page per day.

If you are selling your product for 15k and you get just 4 persons out of 1500 visitors, that is N60, 000.00 revenue daily.

Remove the 5k for the Ad and other logistics; you should be left with 40 – 45k minimum.

That is a massive R.O.I (Small money in…..big money out)

Hahahaha, it couldn’t get better.

I know the next question running on your mind is “how can you get started with selling online and what exactly can you sell”

You can either sell digital products or physical.

Digital products are also known as information products. They are products that are hosted, sold, and delivered over the internet.

Digital products are things like:

  1. Digital books (pdf, kindle, ezines)
  2. Videos and video courses
  3. Software
  4. Multimedia (e.g pictures, games)
  5. Audio courses

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  • Selling physical products

Physical products are sold over the internet but delivered by the service of a courier. So, to start selling a physical product online, you need a courier service.

Here is the flow diagram that online income earners in this category make use of:

Flow diagram for online income earners

online income earners diagram

 If you don’t know how to create a sale funnel or website, register for our online training and let’s get started or you can hire us.


  1. It requires little capital investment.
  2. You can easily start without hassle
  3. Anybody can start it


  1. It may requires skill or the service of a skill person
  2. Sometimes, you may need large capital investment
  3. It consumes time.

2. Make Money Online As Affiliate Marketer Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketing companies to join.

The list of the top paying affiliate marketing brands you can consider joining include; Amazon affiliate program, Grammarly affiliate program, Shareasale affiliate program, Wealthy Affiliate program and many others (like Jumia affiliate program, Konga affiliate program for Nigerians). You can also choose from the hundreds of other affiliate marketing brands through the Commission Junction network.

Once, you’ve successfully join two or more of the above affiliate program; get a landing page, sale’s funnel or personal blog for the affiliate marketing!

You need tons of organic, targeted, and social media traffic to a blog to earn hundreds of dollars from affiliate marketing. If you don’t have money for launching a personal blog, you can use social media pages like facebook page for the affiliate marketing. As you promote affiliate products, you’ll continue to build your site with quality and engaging content.

I’ve been making money online from affiliate marketing networks/communities such as the Commission Junction network, Shareasale, Grammarly and Wealthy Affiliate community.

In my early months in the affiliate marketing industry, I began with little earnings and later skyrocket my monthly income to a multiple stream of income.

See proof of my past affiliate earnings in the Wealthy Affiliate community

Make Money Online As Affiliate Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate

You can do better than this. Take the bold step to join one or two affiliate programs and be resolute to succeed it. See the Ultimate money-making Affiliate marketing model

Register for our online training now to get a sound training on Afffiliate marketing


  1. It requires little or no capital investment.
  2. You can build a very long lasting relationship
  3. You can easily start without hassle


  1. Sometimes, commissions/rewards are very low
  1. You may need guidance
  1. Make Money BloggingYou’ve got a blog? Then, you’ve got an online investment that will pay you for life. When it comes to home based online business ideas to start, my first emphasis should be on launching a blog. Though it takes some time and effort to build an online empire with a blog. However, you’ll discover you will start making money within a few months of consistent and persistent blogging (that’s if you’re ready to follow the right techniques).

When I started blogging in 2009, I don’t know much about blogging but what kept me going is Passion. I was passionate and consistent with blogging.  I kept falling and rising in my quest to succeed in blogging.

In starting a blog, you’ll need a blogging platform. Though there are hundreds of blogging platforms out there that perform wonderfully well on search engine. WordPress would be the best and most preferred blogging platform for Google and most major search engines like Bing and Yahoo in particular.

Launching a blog is, basically, in four basic stages which are:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Building a site/brand
  • Attracting visitors; and
  • Making money

Running a successful blog can be demanding, I will suggest you consider reading the real truth about making money online through blogging here.

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Procrastination is the thief of time. We will like to take you step by step from the point you will start your own blog to the point you start making money from blogging.

Why Not Register for Our Blog Training Now?

Learn more about how to start a blog and make money here


  1. It requires little or no capital investment.
  2. You can build a very long lasting relationship with visitors
  3. You can be expose to so many opportunities
  4. You can easily start without hassle


  1. Sometimes, they be heavy commissions
  2. It consumes time.

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  1. Make Money on Freelancing – If you’re creative and can write, making money online via Freelancing writing is for you. However, this is the best way to make money online as a student. It is not difficult to start a freelancing job; you only need the skill, an internet connection and a computer. The best freelancing job many people engage in is freelance writing. Depending on your skill, you can earn as much as fifty cents per word. It is possible to make twice or thrice that of this amount. Before you can become successful as a freelancer, you require a reputable online portfolio or resume.

It is not only writing job you can do as a freelancer; there are other programming jobs such as designing, graphics and so on; you can do. However, you may need a large clientele base to succeed. There’s a great opportunity for you to make money out there with the freelance platforms such a;

  2. oDesk
  3. Listverse
  4. Top Tenz
  5. Funds for writing
  8. Iwriter

I started my online income earning journey as a freelance writer.   Freelancing would be an easy way to make money online when compare to blogging.


  1. It requires little or no capital investment.
  2. It is possible to have a long-term contract
  3. You can build a very long lasting relationship
  4. You can easily start without hassle


  1. Sometimes, they be heavy commissions
  2. It consumes time.

5. Make Money Online Rendering Service On Fiverr – Have you heard about Fiverr before? Fiverr is the largest marketplace in the online world when it comes to selling services online. Though, some countries are restricted from joining the site due to series of fraudulent reports.

To start making money on Fiverr, you’ll create some services called “Gigs” and you’ll sell services like freelancing, translation, copywriting, SEO etc for five bucks only. You’ll take $4 home while Fiverr retains $1 only for site maintenance.

  1. Make money on Writing Product Reviews – You can make money online writing product reviews. Whether you have a personal blog or not, you can still write product reviews through channels like online communities, Youtube, social media, and social bookmarking sites.

If you have a blog, it would be an added advantage for you creating a separate page on your blog for product reviews.

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  1. Make Money As A Digital Logo Designer – Logo or graphic design is another great online venture through which you can make money.

If you’re a graphic design expert, companies home and abroad are out there looking for your expertise. You can make a lot of dollars online designing logos for companies. So, why not go graphic designer training and come back to make money online by leverage on this great opportunity.

  1. Start an E-Commerce StoreEcommerce Store refers to a site that sells products or services over the internet. Whether you are into digital products, fashion designing or fashion sales, gadget sales, shoe-making and furniture amongst others setup online shop.

To get started with E-commerce store business;

  • get a domain name (business name) and register it
  • Host your website
  • Install an E-Commerce store software or plugin
  • Upload your products or items

The volume of product-based searches worldwide is increasing every day. Having an Ecommerce store or online shop helps you to increase sales and gain a lot of recognition.

9.         Make Money Online As Online Instructor – This one of the latest way to make money online you never knew about. If you’re a teacher of a subject, lecturer, professor or you have knowledge/skill; you can become an online instructor. There’re lots of websites that you can join as expert in an area. A typical example of this website is is an online learning place. It has a huge collection of courses in everything. Courses can be created in text; video and audio formats and these courses are readily available on demand. Students purchase these courses and have the flexibility as to when they watch, read or learn these courses.

Once your course is live on Udemy marketplace, students will discover and purchase it. You’ll make money every time a student purchases your course. I know you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity

  1. Make Money Online Shortening URL – This is one way to make/get free money online. While there’re many websites that offer URL shortener only few pay you for using their URL shortener. URL shortening is an easy way to make money online. I’m sure you’ve not heard of making money online through URL shortening before. You’ve heard of Google URL shorten. It shortens URL. There are different kinds of link shorteners out there but you can never make money from them.

You can make money online today by shortening URL via WWW.SHORTE.ST. SHORTE.ST is connected with many online advertising network, you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on the link you shorten.


  1. Free to participate
  2. There are referrer commission.
  3.  Can be done with your smartphone  and desktop


  1. You need to register first.
  1. Make Money Online As Language Translator – If you would love translating for websites, Fiverr is a great medium to achieve that. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are looking for ways to translate all or some of the content on their sites into another language. If you know about this, it’s an opportunity for you to earn a lot of dollars online.

12. Make Money Online On Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide. Monetize your talent by publishing your written work through Kindle Direct Publishing?

It doesn’t cost a dime to self-publish your books on Amazon. And you’ll earn a lifetime commission from all sales across Amazon stores in the world.

I saw this article that will help you make money online on Amazon kindle direct publishing.

13. Make Money Online On Paid Survey – This is one of the most popular ways of making money online. This method involves filling online survey forms. Surveys are important for producers and that is why they engage research companies to answer specific questions relating to their goods and services. Some surveys don’t take time to complete while others could be as that lengthy. Payment for surveys varies from company to company. You have to compare the different review sites and then choose those you think to be more rewarding. Here are different companies you can register with and start today on their online paid survey:

  1. Vivatic
  2. SurveySavvy.
  3.  IPSOS
  4. opinionworld
  5.  Opinion Outpost
  6.  Global Test Market

Payment/Earning method: Many survey sites pay with cash while others pay gift cards and other prizes that can be redeemed.


  1. Most surveys can be completed on very short time.
  2. It is online money making methods for anybody especially those with tight schedules.
  3. Most of them do not require a permanent contract.
  4. You can only answer those questions relating to you, which mean that you can skip some.
  5. Can be done with your smartphone alone and desktop


  1. Most of the surveys sites are location based and therefore  not available to everyone

14. Make Money Online On Youtube – You’ve got a YouTube channel. Many people are making money on YouTube. The best way to do that is to create a YouTube video tutorial, and sell them or make money by monetizing with Google adsense. All you need is a superior quality camera, and you can do it with your Smartphone. A person watching Youtube videos all day long could in fact, make a living from those videos if they took those videos and made their own commentary on them, or found a way to market the videos. However, this is the work part that most people don’t want to do. Create youtube video on interesting subject, share it; once, it gets up to 1000 subscribers or viewers you monetize it.

You mustn’t create your own video; you can buy reseller right to sell other people’s video.


  1. This requires little or no investment
  2. Useful information is freely available on this.
  3. You don’t need to be SEO expert to achieve high impression


  1. You need to be a video editing dude
  2. You heed to have the knowledge of the Youtube Video creating

13. Make Money Online on Podcast – You’ve got a podcast. From a thorough research, it’s found that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see. Podcast has remained the best way to pass a message across digitally.

  1. Make money running online training and consultation- Starting an online base training is another means of making money online. The training program can be package in form of PDF file, eBook and send to subscribe persons during the course of training and you don’t need to spend a dime to get this done.

You can also put up the training on Webinar

Visit our online based course training page. I suggest you start with us if you are thinking of getting right information about online businesses.

  1. Make money online writing for us write for us and get paid. You will earn 3 – 5 dollars for every article you write for us. Once, your article is accepted; you get paid for it. So, why not start now to write for us. We accept articles ranging from business to finance.


  1. You’re free to part of our writing team
  2. You get paid whenever you write
  3. You don’t need to be SEO expert


  1. You need to be an average writer
  2. You need to be a creative writer

There are many things do to make money online. The above 15 ways to make money online have been selected specially for you. Take advantage now by starting any of them and thank me later.

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