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How to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria Online & Offline

Students on How to Make Money /project training

Students on How to Make Money Online project training

Looking for some Legitimate Ways to Make Money as A Student in Nigeria without hurting your grades and performing poorly?

Then, relax and keep reading……….

In this article, you’ll find smart ways to make money ONLINE as well as OFFLINE as a student in Nigeria. Some students in Nigeria rely heavily on their parents for nearly everything they need in school and this is often not right.

On the other hand, wise students earn money that they use to support themselves in school. This post is an eye opener for you to see those businesses/jobs Nigerian students can do to make money.

Combining academic studies with business is hard but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan to get your hands-on a job or business as it will earn you a good amount of money by the end of a month. What an additional income! As a university student you can choose to do a job online or offline (physical workplace) to make money.

If you are actually looking for how to make money as a student in Nigeria both online and offline; try some of these ways below to make money as a student in University or college.

Ways to Make money Online as a student

The following are how to make money ONLINE as a student in Nigeria;

Start Freelancing jobs

Freelancing is one amongst the most effective ways in which you will make money online as a student in Federal Republic of Nigeria. It involves helping individuals (usually referred to as clients) to try associated in doing a certain task (or tasks) for a united time-frame and so you get paid by them for the work.

Just like alternative physical works that I have mentioned above, freelancing job has no minimum or specific age demand which suggests that it’s the way to make money as a school student or university aspirant too, As an internet freelancer, all you need is your own laptop computer and a private web connection subscriptions and you’re free to work anyplace and anytime you decide on as long as there’s electricity to power up your gadgets.

Most Nigerian freelancers love international freelancing websites like Fiverr, Up work on & Freelancer because they pay in dollars and make more money by changing these funds within the black market. You’ll also explore some freelancing websites we’ve got here in Nigeria on Google as these websites can pay you in naira and you don’t have to undergo the strain of changing from totally different international currencies.

Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective way to make money as a student in Nigeria. If you will write nice contents (like this diary post you’re reading now) and manage a weblog successfully then you need to be making some amount of money as your diary progresses. To become a successful blogger in Nigeria you’d wish to focus on a specific topic (often named as a Niche) and dish out nice quality contents for your readers.

Some popular niches which may fetch your financial gain in Nigeria include health, technology news; tips, fashion, sports, cooking, general info etc.

You can make cash on your blog by applying for varied monetization programs like Google AdSense, propeller Ads, or you will choose to make cash with affiliate promoting or marketing physical merchandise on your blog. If you think about blogging as a choice, you’ll use to make money whereas at the university. Read more.. on How to Begin a Successful Blogging in Nigeria

Become a computer Programmer

If you’re a tech lover or a computer science student (and other related courses) you might consider this as an option. Programming is the art of building and designing a computer program with the sole purpose of solving a particular problem. In programming. There are many sections in which you can prefer and choose to specialize in.

These sections include web design and development, Android/iOS (mobile) development, embedded systems programming, game development etc.

As a software engineer at the university, you can choose to make money in so many ways as this skill is a very rare skill amongst Nigerian students. Some ways that which you’ll make money as computer programmers at the university include:

  • Make a mobile app or web site and earning through ads
  • Tutorials (online and offline)
  • Doing Physical jobs for clients etc.

On a final note, programming is one of the best ways to make money as a Nigerian student if you’re a tech enthusiast and interested in learning more about computers.

Take on Online Income Programs

Online income programs like NNU, Newspay, WinaPay,, Wakanda etc. are extremely popular among Nigerian students. These programs pay you for doing various things on your internet enabled smartphone like reading news, referring individuals online, daily login and comment etc. In some (or most) of these programs, you’ll be required to pay a one-time signup fee before you will be able to begin earning.

Even as these gain programs will not be a reliable way to make money as a student in Nigeria, it’s still worth mentioning as a result of it can be used as a aspect hustle in school.

Partake in Online Survey Jobs

This is one among the easiest ways to earn money online as a student without paying a dime. Paid on-line surveys is another way in which various online firms get comprehensive feedback from customers regarding their new products/features typically in exchange for cash for time spent. Surveys are an awfully simple business (sort of) in which Nigerian students will do and make a little income of money in few minutes.

Most of those websites are international websites and pay in dollars however we even have a number of them in Nigeria. to get most of these paid online survey websites those are available in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Start Social Media Marketing

Got a pleasant active Facebook account, page or cluster with many active followers or friends? or even you own a very active Instagram or Twitter account with thousands of followers? Then this will be one among the ways in which you may make money as a student in Federal Republic of Nigeria. Social media marketing/promotion involves you promoting a product(s) for a friend or company and earning a commission for each sale or referral merely that you just simply build.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Online

Buying and Selling of Bitcoin might be a very risky but profitable business for Nigerian students. Before venturing into this business, make sure you acknowledge and understand all/most aspects of bitcoin marketing to avoid being scammed by fellow students or online fraudsters. Bitcoin may be a digital currency and people make money by buying and selling them for real money due to high exchange rates of this currency when changing it to real money

We suggest you browse many articles and resources relating to this business before starting. One Bitcoin (BTC) is equivalent to 3,724,895 Naira. Therefore, online bitcoin commerce with a decent online present and if done the correct way will make you a rich person easily. Read more on….How to use Bitcoin in Nigeria

Sell Used items for Students

This involves selling used product in school or even outside the school surroundings. Some materials you may sell to school students include gadgets like phones, tv sets, laptops, and different things. Most times you will not sell the products/items directly, all you have to do is to link the vendor and the customer (sort of agent stuff) and you’ll get your own commission once the deal has been done.

You can conjointly help students to sell their stuff on websites like and obtain your commission after marketing and delivering the merchandise to the buyer.

Create Videos on Youtube

If you’re a video freak and can create funny videos or tutorial guides on what you know best, then this is often a decent way to make money as a student in Federal Republic of Nigeria. This type of business is easy but needs time and patience to make money.

To begin the business of creating YouTube videos for money making, create a YouTube channel and make exciting videos (because of the competition) and get people to look at your videos.

After reaching an exact number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, then you’ll begin to show ads on your videos and make cash. Remember, additional exciting videos more money.

Start Graphic Designing

Are you very good at using graphic design software like CorelDraw, Photoshop etc.? Then this is often one among the simplest ways in which you may make cash as a student in Nigeria. you’ll begin this business along with your laptop personal computer and a printer and expand as time goes on. As an internet graphic designer, most of the popular designing jobs you’ll get on university campus include banner, flyer printing, cartoon photos, posters, Yearbooks and other designs students love.

Ways to make money Offline as a student

Start Photocopy & Recharge card Printing

This is best and most well-liked business you see most of the individuals (students and non-students) do on campus today because of its hot demand in several Nigerian universities.

It is in addition very easy to start out and offers you the privilege to make a decision on your own work hours. Photocopy business are usually started with very low capital, some gadgets (printer and laptop) and a little generator. If you plan to go into the business when you still at school, it isn’t necessary you get a store for a beginner. You’ll merely squat anywhere with massive traffic on campus and do your stuff. You may also would like someone to try and do it for you (if you own a laptop pc and a printer) and you each will share the profit per the agreement made once beginning the partnership. Read more on….10 helpful tips in starting a profitable computer business centre

Start Data/Recharge Card Reselling

Data reselling is that the business of buying data from telecommunication firms (usually in bulk) then marketing them to your customers (mostly students) bit by bit at a rate that’s cheaper than the standard data plans provided by these telecommunication firms. On the other hand, the recharge card business such as you understand involves marketing recharge vouchers to people that need to recharge their phones with a particular amount of money.

Organize Paid Tutorials for Students

Not all students at the university are strong academically and this makes tutoring business one of the best ways to make money as a student on campus (for the intelligent ones). To start this business, you’ll need a good place (a teaching hall) and students (usually first-year students) who might not be very strong academically.

You can also offer freebies like textbooks and other materials to entice more students to attend the tutorials. As a tutorial master, you can choose to bill your students on a daily or monthly basis. Read more on…How to Start Tutorial center in Nigeria

Organize a Viewing Center (Showroom)

Many Nigerian students (especially male students) love soccer and different sports and are continually able to pay a token to watch live matches on weekends and weekdays. Due to this reality, the viewing center business is one of the numerous ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. Even as this business may be a profitable one, it is not easy to start as it requires some capital to you to purchase gadgets (decoders, tv, and a generator) and also get a secure place to start. Viewing center business works best once combined with sports betting agent business.

Note that running a full-time viewing center + bet9ja business will certainly distract you from studies unless you get a reliable individual or people who will help manage the place effectively while you are away.

Begin Hairdressing/Barbing Saloon

This type of business is a very popular one for those students who have the skills. Barbing/hairdressing saloon is additionally a really way to make money for both female and male student in Nigeria. Hairdressing is extremely popular among female students at the university. If you’re skilled and know how to do various hairstyles for students in School you’ll be creating some amount of cash as nearly each female student at the university build their hairs at intervals.

This hairdressing business may be combined with different trades like makeup, knitting, bead/bangle production, Okirika (used clothes and underwear) business etc.

Barbing on the other hand mostly requires a place (shop) to stay as it is not as portable as the hairdressing business for the females. It is also moneymaking and doesn’t need a lot of capital/money to start out (you will even start in your area if you reside off-campus).

Start Photographing

Nigerian student love printed pictures of themselves as they explore the university by attending events and different shows, hence the need for professional photographers at these universities. Although many of us assume photography is dead, I can tell you that it isn’t dead at all. As a good photographer, you can make money by taking passports photographs for students, taking pictures at popular events on campus, selling your pictures online and so many other ways.

To start a photography business in the university the major requirements are as follows;

  • A camera or a top-notch smartphone with a good camera
  • Computer or laptop for editing your pictures
  • Photo editing skills
  • Photo printer
  • A small place to stay so you’ll be noticed on campus

Sell Past Question & Other Useful Booklets

This business is extremely popular too. To make money as a student in this business, you would have to write and publish a leaflet (usually tutorial booklets/handouts) and distribute them to various handout dealers in your school to sell for you. You will gather completely different past queries in different subjects and sell to students through these dealers.

A past Questions/Handout business is for those students who have the mastered a particular subject and even have needed the mandatory experience required to publish a handout therefore different students can learn from it after they purchase.

Start Soap & Disinfectants Production

This is a business for those students who possess knowledge of soap and/or disinfectant production. If you will be able to make liquid, powdered/bar soaps, air fresheners, perfumes or body lotions, then this can be one among the ways to make money as a student in Nigerian universities. One great thing about this type of business is that you can even start up coaching center within the school as various students are also willing to pay in order that they will learn the ability.

Engage in Event Planning

If you know the secrets and have smart skills in designing and planning events, then this can be a way you can make money as a student in your higher institution by doing what you like. This business involves organizing events or shows for others and getting cool money for doing that. Because of the actual fact that event planners are rare inside the university, it’s a very profitable skill to learn in your free time.

Start Manicure & Pedicure Services

This is a gender-based business for mostly female students in Nigerian universities. Several females in Nigerian universities want to own their fingernails and toenails brushed and polished on a weekly or monthly basis, therefore the high demand for several students who possess this talent. The business involves buying various materials for fixing and polishing fingernails and additionally helping different female students to do it. It will even be combined with makeup and/or hairdressing business to make money.

Other ways you can make money As A Student In Nigeria

Other ways you can make money As A Student in Nigeria include;

Baking services

Popcorn business

Room painting and artwork services

Used clothes (Okirika) business

Outdoor catering services

Agent services (help students find apartments)

Kerosene and/or Gas retail services

Laundry (Dry cleaning) services

Home tutor services

Music DJ services

MC/Stand-up comedian

Phone Accessories/Spare parts business

Egg supply services

POS services

Student politics (S.U.G)

Catering Services

Open a Game Shop

This post are various ways to make money as a student in Nigeria. These businesses/jobs are aimed for Nigerian students who are presently learning at numerous higher universities within the country and it may assist you overcome the matter of lack of finance.

If you have some of these business or job in mind but don’t have the required skills to start then, think about learning skills at your time off and holiday periods. I

f this post has helped in responding your question on “how to make money as a student in Nigeria” thinks about sharing with different students who may also have an interest in this article on your social media.

If you have different businesses or jobs for Nigerian students that you’re feeling should be on this post? Please contact us or drop it on the comment box below .

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